Buy KUGOO G-BOOSTER Folding Electric Scooter For Just $1,075.99 (Coupon Deal)

KUGOO G-booster is KUGOO’s most powerful Folding Electric Scooter. Updated model 2019, with a headlamp and a new battery. This is a real racing car in the world of electric scooters, capable of speeds up to 55km / h! The total power of the engine – 1.6 kW will allow the user to almost instantly accelerate the car from the place to the highest speed, climb the hill and overcome obstacles. The KUGOO G-booster is equipped with a unique battery that delivers 48v and has a capacity of 23.0Ah (the charging process lasts 8 hours). But with such batteries, you can safely ride around the city, because the power reserve is up to 85 kilometers.

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We should also mention the stylish design of the KUGOO G-BOOSTER Folding Electric Scooter. First of all, it is a soft and comfortable torsion bar suspension, which has only one mounting per axle of the wheel. That is one lever on the front wheel and one lever on the rear. Looks very futuristic and memorable. What is important is the scooter’s load capacity did not suffer and remained at the same level as the competitors 120kg. In addition, stylish front and rear lights, located in the deck and concise sports wings perfectly complement the overall concept. Front and rear disc brakes with 140mm rotors are responsible for the safety of the G Booster electric scooter, thanks to which you always control the movement of the scooter, regardless of the weather.

The diameter of the wheels of 10 inches provides good permeability not only in the city but also beyond. On the KUGOO G-BOOSTER are 10-inch wheels. Each motor-wheel has a rated power of 800W. First of all, it is worth noting that the all-wheel-drive has a total power of 1600W. In the 2×2 mode, the scooter accelerates to 55km / h, depending on the load and the terrain. The dynamics of acceleration are certainly smoother than those of the same Dualtron, but at the same time the weight of the scooter is 5 kg less and the cost is 2 times lower.

The KUGOO G-booster electric scooter is equipped with different batteries so that the buyer has the opportunity to choose and buy the electric scooter with the power reserve that suits him most. The batteries that are installed on the scooter come in four capacities: 10Ah, 16Ah, 20Ah and 28Ah / 48V. Power reserve in economy mode up to 27km, up to 40km, up to 60km and up to 100km, respectively.

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