Buy JJRC X12 – 1080P Smart Control HD Camera Foldable RC Drone For Just $239.99 (Coupon Deal)

This JJRC X12 is a professional drone for RC fans. Just have a look, you will love it. It looks like Mavic but not that expensive. The altitude hold function, letting you have better flying experience. What’s more, Wifi FPV real-time image transmission system and 1080p camera can bring you with really beautiful and high definition photos and videos. The drone features a three-axis auto-stabilizing gimbal to minimize vibration and remain parallel to the horizon for sharper images.

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Buy JJRC X12 1080P Foldable RC Drone From Gearbest

In the meantime, it is a folding drone, as most drones are now. It has been understood that to be used to the fullest, the drone must always be able to be carried around. And this is feasible if the arms are resealable. The X12 is a brushless motor, which means that the motors are very durable, resistant and performing. Definitely the best choice, at least on drones with sufficiently large batteries. Precisely on this aspect, JJRC X12 offers a 2-cell lipo battery 3400mAh that guarantees over 20 minutes of autonomy.

Then the drone must have the GPS, cross, and delight, which allows you to fly without worries and get the drone back on the ground with a simple press of the RTH button. And this X12 does not disappoint, it is equipped with GPS but not only! On the belly, in fact, the optical position sensor, often called Optical Flow, or VPU, collides. It comes into play when the GPS is disabled or unavailable, trying to keep the drone still using a lower chamber that frames the ground and sonar that continuously checks for the presence of lower obstacles. Very useful for indoor shooting.

The lens is quite wide, at 110°. The camera is adjustable from the remote control with a range of 90 degrees. The video is also transmitted to your smartphone on the frequency of 5Ghz, or the phone must have the wifi dual-band (ac band). If the phone is not equipped with this feature you will not be able to see the video from the screen on the phone, as well as not being able to interact with the application to activate additional features (so check first!). The declared video range is 300-500m.

Also from this point of view, JJRC X12 differs from X11: the remote control is in fact equipped with a display, which provides immediate information about the distance, height, battery charge levels, number of satellites and more. Among the flight, modes stand out the now known Circle mode, Follow me and WayPoint. Obviously the GPS takes care of the automatic return in case of signal loss or low battery.

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Coupon Code: GBJJRCX12A

Buy JJRC X12 1080P Foldable RC Drone From Gearbest

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