Daily Deal: Buy The IcyBerry Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard For $23.99

Laser projectors are usually very pricy gadgets that one wouldn’t envisage the use of such technology in a virtual keyboard but that is what the tech company called Icyberry has done with its Laser projection virtual keyboard available for $23.99 on LightInTheBox. The keyboard is a must-have if you want to be able to type on your device comfortably while on the go without the need to carry a bulky keyboard along. It works well with smartphones, both iPhones and Android smartphones. It is also compatible with laptops and tablets. Later keyboard

The Icyberry Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard is a portable gadget which gets its source from a red laser diode encased in a square box. The box also houses the 700mAh rechargeable Polymer battery which can power the device for up to 3 hours on a full charge. It can still be used while charging and charging can be done with a USB port from another device besides using the adapter.Laser keyboard

The device projects a complete keyboard which will show distinctly on an opaque flat surface or any non-reflective surface. The keyboard is also fast and there won’t be cases of lagging. It is reputed to have the capacity to output over 350 characters per minutes. You also have two options to connect the Laser keyboard to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It can be connected via a USB 1.1, 2.0 or USB HD 1.0 interface and also using Bluetooth. We must also add that it is a compact device with a light weight, weighing just 47g and having a dimension of 38x75x18mm.Icyberry Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard

The device is currently on offer at a discount price of on MiniInTheBox which is a sibling of the New York Stock Exchange-listed LightInTheBox for  just $23.99 (62.99% OFF). You can make use of this opportunity to get it for cheap and with FREE shipping option.


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