Buy Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X – 4K FPV Racing Drone For Just $219.99 (Coupon Deal)

Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X is the latest BNF creation of minimum weight at a spectacular performance, traditional but versatile and upgradeable design, carrying a 4k (up to 30fps) CADDX Tarsier Camera
stack and recording JELLOFREE footage flying through the smallest gaps and spots. If slow cruising or fast racing, the cam angle goes from 0-165 degrees with motors from 2S-4S. Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X – 4K FPV Racing Drone lightweight, durable but jello free whoop that can shoot high-quality HD videos. The stack is soft-mounted, the cam is soft-mounted, the motors run smooth – keep your props in a good condition, and you won’t have to worry about jello!

Coupon Code: 3KEC0ZUP at $199.99

Coupon Code: 3KEBTK0B at $219.99

The Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X is built in a mixture of aluminum and 3K carbon fiber, has dimensions of 118 X 118 X 56mm and reduced weight of just 79.2 (Without Battery), so despite being ultra-light, it is designed to be resistant thanks because its chassis has a thickness indicated to withstand shocks. We cannot forget that it is a drone designed to compete, which is why it is mainly so resistant since it can reach speeds higher than that of Drones for Selfies, which are usually around 10 m / s.

This Geelang Hobby X-UFO 85X drone uses a brushless motor (which has proven to be more efficient and economical) of the latest generation, model  GL1204 KV5000, supported by 4 Eamx 2035 2Inch 4-blade propellers that provide a stable and fast flight. The electronic speed control is given by the 4-in-1 BLHeli Firmware, with DShot150, DShot300, DShot600, Multishot, Oneshot125, and Oneshot42 functions, together with a direct current of 10A.

Having a good flight controller is extremely important for drone performance. Determining which is the best flight controller will depend on the function for which the device was designed. That is, to take pictures or videos, a different flight controller would be convenient than the one recommended for racing drones. The control of the flight system that this drone has is quite advanced and is given by a Supra F4 with 4in1 ESC MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21 integrated.

This drone incorporates a first-person video system of the CADDX Tarsier 4K Camera, with Sony sensor 12M,1/1.8inch,1/2.9inch lenses. It also has an adjustable 165 ° wide-angle and an integrated DUAL Core dual-system video transmitter. It has the capacity to transmit up to a maximum distance of 250 meters.

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Coupon Code: 3KEC0ZUP at $199.99

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