Buy Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier With Anion Function For Just $99.99 (Coupon Deal)

Love fresh air? Bring it inside-whether to your living room spread, atop a small nightstand, or next to you at your work. Surrounded by pets, smokes or some strange odors, our body is desperate in getting fresh air. A Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier With Anion Function is exactly what you need. With its compact size and incredible purification ability, the air around you will be cleaned in several minutes. A great gift to show love for your family and friends.

Coupon Code: 420568AIR or GLFS3299

Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier looks very simple and stylish – it is a small rectangular box of matte white. The device is made of plastic and perfectly fits any interior. The dimensions of the cleaner are only 35 x 18 x 46.6 CM and the weight is 5.7KG. Due to its compact dimensions, the air purifier does not take up much space in the room. The entire top panel is occupied by a fan grill in the form of round triangles. It is from these fans that purified air comes out. Half of the front and side faces are occupied by air intake grilles.

Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier has two warm night lights with 2 brightness levels. Sleep Mode running at the lowest fan speed, give you a perfect and undisturbed night to sleep. It can detect the air environment and adjust air volume automatically, also can change the lighting: red indicates the air quality is poor, orange indicates the air quality is in general, and blue indicates the air quality is good.

Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier’s Composite filters that work seamlessly together to eliminate airborne bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, allergens, odors, pet dander, smoke, and VOCs. Low, medium and premium wind speeds are selected to suit any level of air quality and are ideal for normal-sized rooms or offices. Easily set time, high efficiency and energy saving. It can give you a breath of fresh air, especially for people with a runny nose, congestion, shortness of breath, sneezing and other asthma symptoms.

You can find this amazing Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier in the at a price of $99.99 with an incredible discount by using Coupon Code: 420568AIR or GLFS3299. If you want to appropriate this Geekbes GL-FS32 Home Air Purifier you just have to enter from the following link:

Coupon Code: 420568AIR or GLFS3299

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