Buy Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle FPV Racing Drone For Just $94.49 (Coupon Deal)

?Overall, we believe you will love the beginner-oriented Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle 115mm 2.5Inch FPV Racing Drone with its flight time, durability, and controllable nature offering a great flight experience for beginner and experienced pilots alike. We at the office have been obsessed with it and some have even given up 5-inch drones all together! The Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle has hit the gym yet again! All that weight lifting has upgraded its motors to 1103 7000kv! To go along with that extra power, it comes installed on a newly designed carbon fiber airframe that promises to support all the torque the motors will put out.

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Buy Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle FPV Racing Drone From Geekbuying

The Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle is a stormtrooper inspired micro quadcopter, built to be the best outdoor 2S quadcopter. Not only does it look cool, but it also flies great. Designed to be super fun to fly, it is also strong enough to handle a few bashes, which also makes this an appealing option for a beginner looking to get their first proper FPV quad. You will also notice the Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle has forgone the classic upside-down motors that the TinyHawk was known for and gone the more traditional route, with motors facing upwards. All these factors aid in takeoff and landing in outdoor environments as well as give you advanced flight characteristics that the older TinyHawk couldn’t complete as well.

Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle mounted on a carbon structure painted white. It measures 11.5 cm diagonal from motor to motor, with dimensions of 9 x 10.4 x 1.9 cm. Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle Equipped with an F4 flight controller, 2S, 5A 4-in-1 ESC, your Tinyhawk Freestyle aims to get you flying exciting acrobatic flights that are just plain fun! The Tinyhawk Freestyle uses the AVAN Rush, our 2.5-inch propeller that was previously featured on the Babyhawk R Pro 2.5inch.

Paired together with an 1103 brushless motor at 7000kv, the power system offers incredible performance at only 52 grams dry weight or 78 grams fully loaded. The AVAN Rush is also engineered to minimize noise, making this one of the stealthiest park flyers ever, allowing you to discretely fly in the park without anyone complaining or knowing you are there, a well-known problem with the larger drones. The flight controller is an F4 MatekF411RX flashed with Betaflight, with an active OSD. The camera is a 600TVL associated with a 37-channel compatible video transmitter, which transmits at a power of 25 mW (the maximum allowed in France), with a dipole antenna, SmartAudio compatible for settings with remote control via the OSD.

The plug is designed to accept two 1S lipo. This decision was made as 450mah 2S was found to be the correct battery for the flight time goal, not sag as much as smaller packs, and provided the punch to make recovery easy for beginners. With the 450mah 1S lipo, we were able to get about 7 minutes of flight time cruising and about 4-4.5 minutes of hard freestyle. For the beginner crowd, they will love the ability to fly forever and explore their surroundings.

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Coupon Code: EMAXTHF

Buy Emax Tinyhawk Freestyle FPV Racing Drone From Geekbuying

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