Buy Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb For Just $3.99 (Coupon Deal)

Tired of the same boring light fixture? Are your electric bills too expensive? Instead of spending money on a whole new fixture, simply replace the bulb with the Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb and transform it into a cost-effective, decorative light. This Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb Saves up to 90% more energy than an incandescent bulb. That saved energy is money we are saving. Adding an elegant touch of warmth to any interior setting, the large-sized bulb is perfect for chandeliers, vanity mirrors, entryways, holiday and party lighting, and so much more.

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Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb does not contain any mercury and won’t release any hazardous gases into the air if it breaks. Additionally, it boasts low energy use which will significantly cut down on electric costs. Using only three watts of energy (25-watt equivalent), you can enjoy a perfect ambiance and save money to boot. If that’s not enough, the bulb also has a longer lifespan which will save you money on replacement costs too. Producing a spectacular soft light which can last up to 30,000 hours, it’s virtually maintenance-free so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of replacing it for years to come.

Designed to furnish a relaxing glow, the Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb will add a sense of peace and tranquility to any interior setting. Use it in your bathroom, dining area, bedroom or foyer for a captivating yet comfortable setting. Given its elegant appeal and standard E27 base, you’ll be able to use it just about anywhere. Edison G95 Gypsophila E27 Decorative LED Bulb has a warm, inviting glow and are fully dimmable, allowing you to smoothly adjust the level of light for your desired ambiance. With instant-on capabilities, the bulbs reach full brightness without the wait.

Inspired by the beauty found in everyday things, this collection is oversized to create a strong visual element in any decorative lighting application. LEDs represent the newest frontier in lighting technology. Combining energy efficiency and a long life-span, LED bulbs to consume up to 90% less energy than equivalent incandescent bulbs. Unlike most LED bulbs, these unique lights have been specifically modified to mimic the light output, design, and glow of an incandescent bulb. Seamlessly swap your Halogen or Incandescent typical bulbs with this novel, energy-saving decorative bulb, thats made to impress! Great decorating ideas for a reading nook, whether they’re in bedrooms, living room corners, Christmas, home decoration, chaises, bathroom or around a vanity mirror.

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Coupon Code: 3MHPSQTR

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