Buy Blackview W1 – 10W Wireless Charger For Smartphone For Just $19.99 (Flash Deal)

The Blackview W1 Wireless Charger is always ready to charge your BLACKVIEW or another mobile phone as soon as possible. The minimalist design is enhanced by only 90 mm high and only 80 grams of weight. Protection against increased temperature, overvoltage, high current and short circuit and detection of foreign objects on the surface of the charger is a matter of course.

The Blackview W1 Wireless Charger safely takes care of your phone full battery without looking for connectors and unplugging cables. It is suitable for both iPhone and Android devices. The icing on the cake is then a simple timeless look of the pad that goes hand in hand with its durability. The time-consuming body of the W1 charging pad hides the ability to quickly charge your phone without interfering wires and searching for connectors. Thanks to its 10 W power and high-quality processing, every phone that supports wireless recharging recharges quickly, safely and without risk of overheating. You can easily check the charging status with the LED indicator.

With wireless charging with the Blackview W1 Wireless Charger, you do not have to work your phone every time from the protective cover. Due to the fact that the pad is charged up to 8 mm, you can put your phone on it just as you just pull it out of your pocket. With the intelligent recognition of foreign metal objects, you do not have to deal with what could happen if you unwittingly put the keys on the mat. The Blackview W1 Wireless Chargeritself recognizes that it is not a phone and does not start charging, so it prevents potential damage or even injury.

The simple appearance without any unnecessary slots and joints is not only great for any interior but also functional in terms of durability. The frame of the aluminum alloy pad protects it against bruising, scratching and rescues it even during accidental fall. Forget about the large and bizarre shapes of the charging washers. The BLACKVIEW W1 has a thickness of less than 90 centimeters (90 mm) and weight (80 g), which is approximately the same as the weight of a small apple, even in its trouser pocket. So you can take it with you wherever you want, without interfering with your luggage. A special anti-slip surface prevents the cell phone from slipping off the pad.

When charging with the BLACKVIEW W1 pad, do not worry about overheating damage. Whether you put your phone in any direction, you are guaranteed to charge quickly and safely without the risk of overheating. In addition to the above-mentioned overtemperature protection, the charging pad is also protected against overvoltage, short circuit and higher current in the network. You can be sure your phone is in the best of hands.

We often charge our phone overnight, but we do not really talk about how it going to get its battery when it fully charged, and it still connected to the charger. For this reason, the BLACKVIEW W1 charger has hibernation capability. It works so that when the phone is fully charged, the pad will slow down and the phone will not charge again, saving the battery and extending the life of your phone. The core made of pure copper ensures not only quick charging but also safe use. Thanks to the use of high-quality parts, do not worry that any radiation or short-circuits that could endanger your health will occur in the charging pad.

Whether you’re an apple heartbreaker or you do not let your favorite Samsung or other Android phones, the BLACKVIEW W1 charging pad fits into any device that supports wireless charging. And if your phone is equipped with Qi technology, it even better. You can enjoy flash charging without unnecessary wires and connectors.

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