BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger: Worth buying? [COUPON]

Brick Shaped Wireless Charger

Phones have come a long way from being dependent on a power supply at home. From a point where charging would be done only at home to portable power banks to charging wireless and much more. So today we’re introducing a stylish looking wireless charger: The all new BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger. In this race of new and viable options for pioneers to come up with innovations, it is as easy to get lost in this vast sea.

The BRICKSPOWER True Wireless Charger is a device that has two parts. It is an add on battery coupled with a wireless charger. They are magnetic and attachable to the phones that are Qi-enabled. Just like any new product, there are tons of doubts regarding the feasibility and promise it is going to deliver. For those doubts that are rising up your minds, here are 5 reasons to go for the Brickspower True Wireless Charger.

Coupon Code: GBACC1243

Price: $29.19

Brickspower Paste Type Wireless Charger: Review & Buying Guide

All Around Compatibilty

One concern that usually arises with any third-party product that claims to be compatible is how compatible it actually turns out to be. This is a genuine one due to the multiple times many of us have been spoofed into buying such compatible products and being tricked of our money.

Well, no worries need to come for the BRICKSPOWER True Wireless Charger. It is made to be actually compatible with all devices that support Qi-enabled wireless charging regardless of the company that manufactures the phone.

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A device with two solutions

Like discussed before, the BRICKSPOWER True Wireless Charger has two parts. A battery to add on to the phone’s capacity and a wireless charger that charges the phone. These two components can be used as standalone parts or even stuck together and attached to the phone. This dual component solution allows users to use both or even stick to a single component based on their preferences and requirements.

A quick charge on the go

Moving onto the charging prowess shown by the True Wireless Charger, it does show some promise. With a rate of 1% every two minutes, it is a good speed while talking in terms of wireless chargers. At this rate, it is a good comparison cause of the dual components offered by BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger.

Longlasting and Easy on the eyes

The company has designed the BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger in a way that it sticks to the phone without being tough on removal. A thin protective plastic film was used to protect the nano-suction surface of the device. This decreased the chances of dropping either the phone or battery due to slippery hands. And apart from that, the film also protects the battery from minor drops. With contrasting colours of orange and black for the battery and charger components respectively, thoughts of it being too harsh on the eyes arise. Brickspower Paste Type Wireless Charger has managed to make it easy on the eyes with a smooth orange blending to a shiny black.

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Simple and User-friendly

The Brickspower Paste Type Wireless Charger is easy to use and doesn’t show any hassles to the user. Attaching it to the back of the phone and that’s it. If the battery component is charged up, it starts firing up, otherwise, a connection to the wireless charger is needed.


  • Extremely portable
  • Battery and charger components
  • Easily attachable and removable without any problems


  • Heats up a bit when used with battery component attached
  • Battery capacity not equipped enough for a full charge

Buy BRICKSPOWER Paste Type Wireless Charger:

The BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger is one of the best products we came across on Kickstarter and luckily now it’s available on Gearbest. Use the following coupon code to purchase this amazing Paste Type wireless charger. Hope you liked our BRICKSPOWER Wireless Charger Review, do share your thoughts on the comments section below.

Coupon Code: GBACC1243

Price: $29.19


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