Banggood 13th Anniversary – Brands New Arrival Launch

Banggood keeps on teeming its portfolio with new releases and the 13th anniversary is the special occasion to grab discount prices with surprises. The anniversary sale is moving ahead with enthusiasts and tech lovers.

Meanwhile, the online store also recommends some brands for daily shopping concluding the world-recognized names like Xiaomi, Roborock, Frsky, and Echine etc. Accordingly, the store has published various new arrivals in the Banggood 13th Anniversary Feat.

More details on Brands New Arrival Launch

Users can enjoy massive discounts on newly-added Echine FPV HDR Goggles, which is priced at $72.99 against the original price of $95.99. Similarly, the new arrivals list also consists of Blitzwolf All in One Tripod Selfie Stick for just $17.99 and various other electric products at surprising offers.

While going through the new brand arrivals, the site page pastes the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 as the Top 1 and can be availed for $155.99 using a coupon code BG9T13.

Moreover, the TOP 2 and TOP 3 places are occupied by Xiaomi FIMI Quadcopter and Blitzwolf Sports Watch respectively. Following is the champions brand list:

The Brand for Blitzwolf: Blitzwolf is offering dual-dynamic EarPods headphones at a massive 76% off through a coupon code BGFYE799. In addition, you will get tripod selfie stick, a vacuum cleaner, true wireless headphones, Bluetooth music transmitter, path yard security lamp etc.

The Brand for Echine: Similarly, Echine offers 68% off on the original price of its quadcopter. It provides only the quadcopters along with FPV goggles etc.

The Brand for Xiaomi: You will get up to 72% off on some of the Xiaomi products. This category will serve you with modern smartphones, EarPods, smart projectors, multi-purpose steel repair tools, and electric bicycle etc.

Similarly, you can also choose products from newly-added brands like DANIU and GeekCreit etc. These also involve amazing discount offers on electric goods.


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