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Brand New Way Of Introducing Xiaomi Via Video And Logo Making

Videos and logo use has an important place in our culture as well as the business world. In this article, you’ll discover more about the relevance of video and logos in business development. You’ll also learn how you can create your own professional videos or logos fast, professionally and at low cost.

Background- The Ancient History Of Video And Logos

The invention of video in history was preceded by the capture of a series of motion pictures by the photographer Eadweard Muybridge in 1877.  He photographed a series of pictures of horses running and put them together and he used these pictures to reveal something that had never been known before- that horses while running bring all four of their hooves off the ground. Thus, this precursor to the video was used by Eadweard to reveal and share new information in an astounding way.

Background- The Ancient History Of Video And Logos

Today in the 21st century, video and images still show people startlingly new information in new ways, from trustworthy sources, and in ways that can easily be shared. These are huge benefits that video marketing brings to companies.

Similarly, logos as simple pictures that identify a group have been around since ancient times in the form of crests, seals or coats of arms, for example. In the middle ages, seals placed on letters using wax were a way of identifying the sender and verifying its authenticity. Similarly today, logos confirm the identity and authenticity of the item where they are placed.

The Vital Importance of Video Marketing For Xiaomi and Its Users

Videos in marketing are important because they not only bring new information across, but they also build bridges by generating trust and brand awareness. Lilach Bullock explains the importance of video marketing by saying “Video Marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!”. This claim is backed up by the evidence- videos are valuable to a company’s ability to drive sales – for example, according to Entrepreneur.com, websites with videos can increase sales by up to 144%.

In today’s world, Xiaomi aims to reach a new, wider audience using innovative strategies. According to their website, Xiaomi is expanding its footprint across the world to become a truly global brand. To do this they’ll have to continue utilizing video to reach new geographical areas for example, through Facebook advertising and other means. Mi -which is a technology brand of Xiaomi that produces smartphones- is already using promotional video marketing.

The Vital Importance of Video Marketing For Xiaomi and Its Users

They are successfully gaining over a million views on many of their Mi Facebook video campaigns, but there’s an opportunity to continue to expand that significantly into new territories such as the USA with new video promotions.

The Relevance Of Logos And How To Use Them

A logo is the first thing that people will associate with your brand and they are absolutely essential in today’s business world. A business without a logo would be like a person without a face- very hard to identify and not very attractive! A logo is a fundamental building block of any business. What’s more, by using a logo in a variety of media and products, you reinforce your brand image in the minds of customers which increases trust, recognition, and value. Psychologically, this pattern of repetition by using a logo on a company’s publicity is called ‘positive reinforcement’.

There is also a ‘positive association’ taking place by using logos – it means that customers associate positive values like reliability, affordability, and quality with the logo to the company. This builds the company’s brand which in turn drives the sales. People don’t usually make important purchases from a company that they don’t recognize or trust so the use of logos by companies is ubiquitous for that reason. In fact, logos can be so valuable in recognition ability that in one study, 100% of 8-year-old children could match logos to their products.

Now it’s clear why all businesses need a logo, but what makes a great logo design? “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.” This quote from Lindon Leader highlights the 2 main factors- simplicity and clarity. Simplicity streamlines your brand image while making it accessible to a wide audience, while clarity communicates the values of your brand to the customer.

At the forefront of graphic design and marketing video publishing software is a company called Renderforest. Below, we’ll show you how to produce a professional quality logo and promotional video quickly and easily with Renderforest even if you don’t have any previous experience in logo or video making thanks to their AI-assisted technology.  Renderforest is well established and have already produced over 10 million videos for over 5 million clients with over 3000 positive reviews.

How To Create A Professional Promo Video In Minutes With Renderforest

To create an affordable, professional quality promo video even with no video editing experience in minutes using the platform, just go to Renderforest. No complicated software downloads are required since it runs off a web-based platform. There you can select the template that suits you. Then upload your logo, script, and tagline. The script will be analyzed according to its keywords in order to provide a great video experience for the viewer using Renderforest’s advanced machine learning algorithms that match video clips to the script. You can easily edit the final look and feel of the video to match your brand, and you’ll have access to over 100 000 stock videos and animations for your projects.

Once complete, you can publish your videos straight to Facebook or download them for use later or on your website.

How To Create A Unique Logo With Renderforest AI Logo Maker

Renderforest also allows the production unique, professional logos that enhance your brand thanks to their AI-enabled online software. To produce a unique logo in Renderforest in under 5 minutes, simply log on to Renderforest logo maker and follow the 3 simple steps provided. Anyone can have a clear and simple logo made instantly. Step 1 is to add your business name, step 2 is to add a description of your business and step 3 is to choose from a number of great options of graphic and text styles. The AI automatically matches appropriate images and text styles based on its huge library and advanced design knowledge. Once you’ve chosen your preferred logo you can download it and publish it immediately onto your website, business cards, social media and more.

To wrap up, the business case that high-quality video promos and logos are indispensable to your business’s success is clear. Thanks to Renderforest professional logos and video have now become incredibly affordable, easy and quick to produce.

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