boeleo K1 AI Translator Supporting 45 Languages at $124.11

Traveling is not a problem anymore. People from all corners of the world meet each other and communicate with no problem. This is mainly done due to the portable translators. Of course, it also means you don’t have to learn foreign languages, but it is very useful in many situations. Well, with the penetration of AI in all aspects of our lives, we have got a new category of translators. As you guess, they are called the AI translators. Artificial intelligence not only helps these devices to realize faster translation but also raise the accuracy rate. The product we are going to introduce to you has both advantages. But apart from them, there are also tons of new features you will be happy to see in it. The boeleo K1 is priced at $124.11. Seems it’s a bit more expensive than other models in the market. But if you keep on reading, you’ll find which features make it stand out and be priced in this way.

boeleo K1

The first thing you should know about the boeleo K1 is its compact size and beautiful body. It has a length of 12cm only. So it can become your smart companion-translator for all cases of life without making you any inconvenience. It can even hang at your chest, do its job, and you even won’t remember it’s there. Moreover, the boeleo K1 AI translator offers various color options of black, white, and red. So you have a wide range of choice. One of the selling points of this translator is its 2-inch touchscreen. So interaction with it has become way easier. Actually, it has a 320 x 240P (QVGA) resolution and a 200ppi pixel density.

boeleo K1

Before we start getting acquainted with the biggest highlights of the boeleo K1 AI translator, let’s see what’s inside. Actually, it sports a dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 chip, clocked at 1.2GHz and based on 28nm. The chip is paired with a 512MB of RAM and a 4GB of ROM. What’s more important, it is packed with a 1280mAh battery, which can stay in a standby mode up to 200 hours. It also supports a few connectivity options, such as WiFi 2.4GHz, hotspot, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Well, these features are good but not enough to pay $124.11. So we’d better learn about its translation capabilities. First, the boeleo K1 AI translator supports 45 languages as well as 8 system languages. But we are more interested in the role of AI here. It turns out the accuracy rate is 97%, while translation speed has reached up to 0.2s. Thus, it does translations instantly.

boeleo K1

There is an interesting feature, namely Happy chat. It supports multi-person, multi-country, and multi-language communication. Thus, you can invite other brands of AI translators, build a group to meet the needs of multi-level classification. This feature supports a group chat of 500 members. Moreover, there is an offline translation support, implemented with an in-built INMT offline engine. At this moment, it supports 4 languages, but this feature will be updated in the future. At last, there are a few other options such as face-to-face translation, photographic translation, and 60 minutes of audio translation.


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