Bluboo U Watch: Vintage Style at an Incredible Price

New year is coming and what’s better than starting it with a new smartwatch. A smartwatch which is affordable for our audience and a way more impressive when it comes to the design. So, in this article we’re highlighting a new creation of the Chinese manufacturer ‘Bluboo’ called ‘Bluboo U Watch‘ for an unbelievable price of just $25.

Features and Specs of Bluboo U Watch:

First of all, before discussing the features and specs, we have to warn you that the gadget under discussion is not more than $25. So don’t expect it to be like Apple Watch or Pebble. Apart from this, the features and specs of Bluboo U Watch are far more impressive when it comes to 25 dollars. In other words, yes, this is a device that we found quite interesting (and therefore have decided to tell you about it) because it does provide us enough functionality at a very low price.


First of all, we would like to start this topic from the hardware of this watch. Although it is not the strong point of any Smartwatch, but still it’s important. The manufacturer has integrated a MediaTek MTK 2501 a monolithic SoC chip type (stacked) with a single 32-bit kernel that consist of 24 MB of RAM, inside the Bluboo U Watch. Meanwhile, Bluetooth 4.0 serves as a bridge between the phone and the watch. The internal memory of this watch is 32 MB, enough to store it’s own system. There’s no external SD card support and the applications inside the U Watch utilizes phone memory.

Screen & Display

Unlike most of the smartwatch, sadly, the screen of Bluboo U Watch is not capacitive touchscreen, IPS or even HD. It’s a 1.44 inch matrix TFT screen having a resolution 128 x 128 pixels. But what’s so special about it? It’s actually a good question. Well, if you see closely at the watch, a touch button is integrated below the display to perform most actions. Thus, handling the watch through a single button is quite impressive and makes it easy to use.


The watch is powered by a 350 mAh battery that gives a normal range use of about 72 hours.


Now moving to the best part of this article. The frame of the watch is made of aluminum shell, lightweight and durable. The vintage and traditional rectangular shaped dialer further elaborates it’s beauty. Without strap, the dialer size is 5.1 x 3.8 x 1.0 cm and the device weights only 43 grams. 

The strap is made of Fluoroelastomer, a polymer which is known for it’s elasticity, lightness and toughness. The width of the band is  2.0 cm and different sizes of the band are available, making the diameter of the product from 18 – 22.5 cm.

Design of Bluboo U Watch

Another good thing about Bluboo U Watch is that it has IP65 certified protection, making it a water resistant watch. The straps are available in different designs and you can buy them separately.


The main functions of this watch are as follow:

  • Pedometer: Measures yours steps, calorie and distance traveled.
  • Sedentary reminder: Alarms you when you are inactive for a long time.
  • Sleep monitor: Measures your sleep duration, cycle and sets alarm to wake you up.
  • Remote control: You can play music and take a picture remotely, without using the phone.
  • Bluetooth calling: Enables you to see phonebook, notifications, push SMS, Dailing and Answering a call on the watch.
  • Anti-lost: Alarms you when either your phone is away or your watch is away from a specific range.
  • Find Phone: Enables you to track your phone.

Functions of Bluboo U Watch

Additional features includes a stopwatch, alarm and 4 kinds of clock interfaces.

Price & Availability:

It is also interesting to know that this product is a unisex watch. It is available in three different colors: Silver, Gold and Black. The best price we found is on a Chinese website called GearBest, which is $25 with a discount of 34% from the original price and shipping is absolutely free.

Bluboo U Watch
Bluboo U Watch is available in different colors and styles.


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