BLUBOO S1 Protects Your Eyes – Comes With Free Anti Blu-ray Tempered Glass

If you are among those who just can’t go to bed without checking your smartphone or first thing in the morning, the BLUBOO S1 has got you covered. As you may know, too much exposure of the eyes to bright light is very harmful because the Blu-rays from the mobile phones can cause serious damage to the eyes. Considering this situation, an increasing number of phone manufacturers are taking protective measures by using Anti Blu-ray Tempered Glass to reduce phone’s damage to the eyes. BLUBOO isn’t one company that would lag behind. They have proved this in their latest model BLUBOO S1.bluboo s1

This time, the Anti Blu-ray Tempered Glass adopted by BLUBOO S1 is imported from Japan which gains fame for its hardness and excellent quality. Talking about the function of this type of glass, it can effectively block the high-energy short-wave blue light given off by the LCD / LED screen through the absorption and refraction of short-wave blue light, which greatly reduce the harm of Blu-ray, effectively alleviate the eye dry, Eye pain, eye fatigue, so as to better protect eyesight.Bluboo S1

Apart from protecting your eyes, the use of this Glass can maintain the original color of the screen since BLUBOO S1 pursues premier visual effect. There is an official test video about Anti Blu-ray Tempered Glass released by BLUBOO: How to paste this glass is also introduced in this video. There is a tip for you to check this Glass: first, expose the anti-counterfeit label of money to the light of Blu-ray pen, and then use the Anti-Blu-ray Tempered Glass to block, if you do not see the anti-counterfeit mark means you get the right glass.bluboo s1

BLUBOO S1 is on hot presale at Gearbest. In order to show their gratitude for the BLUBOO users, free Anti Blu-ray Tempered Glasses priced at $10 are given away in this presale!
More details about promos during the presale of BLUBOO S1 you can visit the website.

bluboo s1


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