Bluboo Dual Review – It’s More than the Cheapest Dual Rear Camera Phone!

In this world, there’s another way to win the hearts of millions rather than introducing branded premium and pocket emptying smartphones such as iPhone 7 Plus. It’s the way of manufacturers from Chinese land. Rather than forging some record breaking and competitive smartphones and doubling the profit, it’s best to give a smartphone at a price which the people deserve. Bluboo is such a manufacturer which offers some incredible smartphones while keeping their profit margin extremely low. The company’s phone are almost around the manufacturing costs. That’s why we see some of the smartphones as the cheapest in different aspects like Bluboo Edge as one of the cheapest curved screen smartphones. Our today’s protagonist “Bluboo Dual” is the company’s latest promise to the audience and is the most affordable smartphone featuring dual cameras.

But, Bluboo Dual isn’t just about the rear dual cameras, but it’s more than that. Why? Let’s find out when we dive into the details in this review:

Bluboo Dual Review – The Dynamic Duo Is In the House!

Design & Appearance:

Starting with the design, Bluboo Dual has a neat design. It’s not a unibody design as the chassis is made from an aluminum alloy (7000 series) while the rear top and bottom are made from plastic separating the antenna section. Although, the shimmering metal allures the user and gives a premium holding experience but still it adds a little bit weight (153 grams). Sometimes it’s hard to believe that how in the world Bluboo features metal housing in most of its terminals under $100. It’s not like that any smartphones has metal built at an affordable price (UMi London is around $60 with a metal chassis). But still, smartphones have some other highlights to focus.

Bluboo Dual - Front Top

Moreover, Bluboo Dual has some slight curviness around the edges which further exaggerates its charm. The bezels encompassing the screen are ultra-narrow allowing the display to appear huge. Regarding dimensions, the phone uses an area of 150.6 x 76.3 indeed an average sized and is somewhat thicker (8mm).

Bluboo Dual - On screen Buttons

This time, the Chinese manufacturer has kept their latest smartphone neat, flat and simple. That’s why we don’t see the three traditional LED buttons but rather the trendy on screen buttons. On the top front, we have the front shooter, earpiece, and notification LED arranged in perfect symmetry.

Even the rear is kept plain with no brushed pattern, but the two streaks are visible to separate the antenna section. And the first noticeable aspect, when we have the first glance at the back, are those two twins cameras along with dual LED flash. Still, I have a little bit feeling that those cameras and flash layout is a little bit similar along with that white streak. Hmm…Maybe, iPhone 7 Plus.

On the left, we have the volume the volume bar and lock screen button which presses effortlessly with no ticking. Meanwhile, SIM slot is witnessed on the right side.

In short, a glorious metal alloy housing, simple style, and dual cameras define Bluboo Dual.

Screen & Display

Another selling point apart from the dual cameras is the screen, and it’s praising display. Dual integrates a large 5.5-inch panel manufactured by SHARP. Now the interesting part is that it has a Full-HD screen and pixel density of 401 ppi. Albeit, the pixel density is a bit less compared to the maximum one found in high-end smartphones which are 441ppi, but 401 ppi is not bad either, especially for a price tag around $99. Plus, the screen has the double 2.5D curved protection (they say Bluboo DUAL for nothing) to make the further phone elegance and durable. Unlike other smartphones, Bluboo Dual supports 10 points multi-touch rather than a standard 5 point touch.

Bluboo Dual - Featured

The display on Bluboo Dual is excellent as well. Although the pixels are differentiable from 5 cm, still the screen has a prominent contrast ratio of 1400:1 and color saturation of 96% NTSC. It’s an in-cell design so expect a thin touch screen with ultra sensitivity. Under sunlight, the screen is vivid with 100% brightness. What more can you expect from a SHARP panel?

Hardware & Performance

To be honest, don’t expect seamless performance from Bluboo Dual. You can’t find a Snapdragon 821 under the hood under that price tag. The hardware is the greatest weakness of this flagship. As Bluboo is a budget-friendly phones manufacturer, it mostly neglects high-end hardware. In the case of Dual, we witness a low frequency (1.5GHz), quad-core processor named MTK6737. Seriously, MTK6737, a processor which is also featured inside Chinese smartwatches these days. 2GB RAM and 16GB storage might improve the performance to a certain extent, but still, it’s not enough. Also, the storage is expandable with a MicroSD card up to 256GB.

With the low-end hardware like that Bluboo Dual yields an AnTuTu score around 30,398 points.

Camera & Samples

Here comes the greatest highlight of Bluboo Dual. The dual rear cameras are considered as the backbone of the flagship as well of Bluboo. The primary which is the 13MP Sony IMX135 shoots some vibrant and focused images while the secondary 2MP camera adds depth to the pictures. The camera grabs the maximum view it can with the wide angle and aperture F2.0. Furthermore, the dual Flash provides enough light for the images. But that’s only the appetizer as the main course is yet to come with a professional real-time background blurring.

Speaking the truth, the only aspect of the phone we liked the most were the images generated by its dual cameras. The pictures have a nice color contrast, details and work perfectly in low light. Although, there’s a slight background noise in low light.

The front camera is not bad either with an 8MP resolution. Although the sensor is unknown but from the selfies, we bet that it’s an Omnivision. It’s optimized for selfies with the built-in beauty mode.

Connectivity & Features

Thankfully, it’s not among most of Bluboo’s cheap smartphones compatible with 3G only. It sports 4G connectivity along with Dual SIM and dual standby. The only problem is that it’s a hybrid slot which allows either two SIM cards or one SIM card and MicroSD card to work at some time. The phone can’t work with two SIM cards plus the TF card to work at the same time. It’s a drawback but has become common in smartphones these days. However, to cover this cons OTG support has been provided.

The reception is quite strong; I even received signals in those areas where other phones indicate no signals. The other connectivity aspects of Dual includes Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11b/g/n and GPS.

Bluboo Dual – Wet support
Bluboo Dual – Gloves

The phone incorporates five sensors. The first one is the most noticeable one is the fingerprint reader present on the rear which imprints up to 5 fingerprints records in any direction and unlock Bluboo in 0.1 seconds only. Get ready for VR as there’s also a Gyroscope under the hood. The other three sensors include Accelerometer, Light sensor, and Proximity. Because of the highly sensitive screen, the touch panel also produces a response to wet hands and gloves as well which is a small improvement for the best experience.

OS & Battery

Although Android 7.0 has been released for quite a long time but still most of the Chinese smartphones runs on Android 6.0. Bluboo Dual is also on that list. It’s OS is based on stock Marshmallow which is pure Android with no extra apps, thus making the OS fast and stable even for a phone with an outdated processor. The OS has some cool, smart gestures like three fingers swipe to take a screenshot. Let’s hope Bluboo provides Android 7.0 updates soon.

Bluboo Dual - Notification LED
Light Green LED notification turned on

Bluboo Dual is powered by a 3000 mAh Sony battery. You can expect a great battery life as the battery core has 4.35 volts rather than the standard 4.2 volts. So what if the difference is small, still it’s important to provide longer service between charges and improves 15% of battery capacity (according to manufacturer). Moreover, with the low-end hardware, we can expect the phone to last for a complete day on a single charge.

Specification Sheet

Attention: The internal data of table “175” is corrupted!

Pros & Cons


  • Dual Rear Cameras
  • Simple Metal Built
  • Full-HD display
  • Good battery life
  • Ultra-sensitive screen operable with wet hands and gloves
  • Fingerprint, Gyroscope and OTG support


  • Mediocre Performance
  • Hybrid Slot

Our Verdict

If you are in search of the cheapest smartphone featuring dual rear cameras and are not concerned about getting breathtaking performance from a high-end hardware, then Bluboo Dual is the best choice. With an excellent photography at a low price, numerous features, premium metal built and a Full HD screen, Dual is worth of spending your money and time. We only wished that Bluboo had provided a good hardware at least an Helio P10 or X10 SoC.

Where to Buy?

You can purchase Bluboo Dual from Aliexpress for the best price of $99 with free shipping. The phone is also available on Gearbest for $137.72.You can select any color from these three: Golden, Black and Rose Gold. We’ll like to end the review by giving you the link to the stores:



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  1. this review very detail, maybe try next time, china phone is good, AllCall Bro is the first china phone I tried! good performance!

  2. Hi, this was a wonderful review of the Bluboo Dual. On some other Bluboo phones such as the Maya Max or Bluboo Edge, 4G LTE on T-mobile/At&t did not work and only supported 3G in the US. Can the Bluboo Dual run 4g LTE in the US on T-Mobile/At&t?


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