Xiaomi blocks Global ROM of MIUI on devices for the Chinese market

The Chinese OEMs are very popular for a variety of reasons. Mainly because most of them manufacture economic terminals that can be acquired by the pocket of any consumer. Especially because their models manufactured strictly for the Chinese market are more accessible than their global counterparts, in addition to being compatible in multiple languages. For this reason, many choose to buy one of these devices and then “flash” them to a Global ROM. However, this apparently has come to an end, at least for Xiaomi smartphones.

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Xiaomi blocks Global ROM of MIUI on devices for the Chinese market

Official Announcement about blocking of MIUI Global ROM in the Chinese devices

In the official forum of MIUI an announcement has been made about the phones destined to the Chinese and global market. This one indicated that global smartphones will not be able to execute MIUI’s China ROM, and vice versa, those that are manufactured for the national market, will not be able to execute the MIUI Global ROM either.

Xiaomi blocks Global ROM of MIUI on devices for the Chinese market

Although there are thousands of speculations, the company has not given an official statement of the reasons that have for this decision. There has not even been an announcement of which specific terminals will be harmed by this new action. What they did notice was the following: “highly recommend you to buy Xiaomi Phones via official or authorized sales channels and double check the system information before flashing or updating.”

The fans of Xiaomi are not happy with this, but we hear that it is still possible to flash the ROM you want on the phones with an unlocked bootloader.

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