Blackview will Officially Unveil BV6800 Pro as BV6000’s Successor

BV6000 is the Blackview’s most legendary sales model, since it was launched in May 2016 and achieved a huge successful sale towards the global market. Within more than 2 years product life cycle, Blackview has produced and sold more than 10 million units of BV6000 all around the world.

Blackview insist on making persistent efforts, and move toward to higher and further goals. More than 50 engineers spent more than two years in the hardworking of design and engineering development, and thus we finally ushered in our legend BV6000’s successor BV6800 Pro.


through the analysis and research of our massive customers’ use feedback, we have summarized the most important advantages and disadvantages of the BV6000 for our users. Based on the already highly complete BV6000 model, we carried out multi-dimensional upgrade for the difficulties of user experience.


Some of the most significant upgrades and improvements we have put our effort into are as follows:

  1. IP68 to IP68, IP69K, MIL-STD-810G

To improve the all-around ruggedness of our product, BV6800 Pro doesn’t only feature the highest consumer grade certified rating waterproof and dustproof, but also introduces the military standard certified rating MIL-STD-810G to BV6800 Pro. Now, it is not just tough. It’s tougher, stronger than before.

  1. 7 HD Display to 5.7 FHD+ Full Screen Display

This time BV6800 Pro’s display is upgraded to 5.7 inches full screen, boom up the resolution to FHD plus, to meet with the people’s need of better content consumption experience.

  1. 4200mAh big Battery to 6580mAh huge Battery

Nobody will hate a better battery life for your mobile phone, and the most effective solution is to increase the battery capacity, and finally we did it.

  1. 3GB memory upgraded to 4GB memory

More Ram means more space for multitasking, more fluent daily use, and more confident to enjoy heavy gaming and multitask in split view.

And there is a survey about what important specs you hope your rugged phone owns. By answering the survey, you have the power to change what Blackview next product will be like in the future. Also, you can subscribe to Blackview’s email to receive more specs that are not unveiled now. BV6800 Pro would be available on Blackview official website and AliExpress shop on September 1st. Anyone who subscribes to Blackview email and purchases before October 1st will get a free gift package which is actually worthy of $40.

Discover it here:

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