BlackView BV9600E Rugged Phone is All Set to Kiss Your Hands Soon

Are you waiting for the next update from BlackView? Here we have a full stop to your eagerness. The Chinese manufacturer BlackView is ready to grasp your attention with the all-new BlackView BV9600E Rugged Smartphone, most probably, in the upcoming springs. It is without any doubt the successor to the BV9600, which had sold over 8,00,000 units globally.

Features of BlackView BV9600E:

Now, the company will aim to capture a cumbersome success for the latest entry. Via a press conference, the brand has drawn users’ attention by announcing the new handset with a sturdy and robust build along with the fingerprint scanner integration. Against the 18.7mm thickness of predecessor, the BlackView BV9600E comes with 9.8mm of thickness to be flat and easy to operate. The BlackView BV9600E comes with the glass on both sides.

The major highlight is the in-display fingerprint sensor, which is integrated on the 6.21” AMOLED display. It is a superfast recognition with precise results. Hence, BlackView BV9600E comes with the 4GB/64GB memory configurations. Well, Huawei ensures improved chipset performance by 70% over the previous equipment.

BlackView BV9600E

Rugged Smartphones are best for their bulky design and heavyweight approach. But the latest technologies have changed the ideologies and offer compact and lightweight products. Performance-wise, the BlackView BV9600E Smartphone installs the MediaTek Helio P70 processor with 2 GHz octa-core assembly. It promises around 12% improvement in performance and 25% curtailment in power consumption against that of the BV9600 Plus.

Moreover, the handset is well-protected against water, dust etc.. And can withstand a storm, moisture, alkalis, and other unpleasant substances successfully. Overall, we can regard the BlackView BV9600E Rugged Smartphone to be a worthy option not for only outdoor use, but also daily home use.

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