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BESTEK is giveaway 3pcs of this awesome 150W Power Inverter with 3.1A USB Charging Port!

If you spend a lot of time traveling by car, one of the essential gadget you must own is a car charger. Nowadays, the market is full of different types of Car chargers, and choosing the right charger can be a hard task. Also if anyhow you get hooked with any wrong charger, it can damage both your car and the device you are charging. Keeping all these points in mind, we present you one of the best car charger available in the market the BESTEK Power Inverter 150W for Car with Dual USB DE Charger.

BESTEK Power Inverter 150W

BESTEK Power Inverter 150W Features:

  • The BESTEK is one of the World’s leading power inverter brand. The charger provides 150 watts continuous DC to AC power and 360 watts peak output power. The device not only lets you charge your smartphones but also any other device on the go.
  • The BESTEK Power Inverter 150W also supports Fast Charging for your smartphone. You will get one USB charging port ideal for smartphones, tablets, GPS units, battery chargers, DVD players, MP3 players, and other mobile devices.
  • The charger features an Ultra Compact and Lightweight Design. It can directly fit into your car and there’s no requirement of additional wires or any other assembly. You can directly plug the charger in any 12V cigarette lighter socket.
  • Moreover, for more security and safety, the charger comes with Advanced Protection. It includes built-in cooling fan, full protection, and auto-shutdown to keep your device and car safe from overheating, overloading, low load, short circuit, low voltage and over voltage. (Applied for a 12V car but not 24V).
  • What You Get: BESTEK 150W Power Inverter, User Manual, Our 18-month warranty and friendly customer service

BESTEK Power Inverter 150W

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BESTEK Power Inverter 150W

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BESTEK Power Inverter 150W

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