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Most Thoughtful Tech gifts for Everyone

The festive season of Christmas is coming and people have started making gift lists. While major phone or laptop upgrades might not be in the list, there are a lot of small gadget options to choose from while gifting friends and family. Here are 10 Best Cheap Tech Gifts under $50 that can be gifted for Christmas.

Here is the list of Best under $50 Tech Gifts for Christmas 2018:

1. Bluedio T2+ Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 Stereo Headphones ($26.98)

Cool gift for a music lover? Then the Bluedio T2+ is a great choice and here is why!

This is the era of headphones and earphones putting all their focus into bringing out products that deliver the best audio quality. Bluedio takes a different approach by focusing more on a lifestyle-centric approach.

Bluedio brings out a wireless headphone trying to incorporate features not generally seen in headphones these days while reducing the focus on delivering exceptional sound quality. The T2+ is built in a manner that is durable and rocks a fashionable approach. A metal rim is attached to the headband on both sides to enhance the durability of the earphone.

Moving on to the audio quality and noise cancellation that the Bluedio T2+ offers, both of them are pretty decent. The headphones do cancel a pretty amount of volume that happens outside. A television’s presence, when used at a moderate volume, won’t be noticeable. The T2+ has a good audio quality for the price it is sold at and users need to be cautious of using high volumes as there’s a tendency of the sound to leak to people around.

Two things not generally seen in headphones that the Bluedio T2+ has is the presence of an inbuilt FM Radio and a capability to read audio files that are present in a micro SD card. These all make the T2+ a really good wireless headphone at the price it is sold.

Buy Bluedio T2+ Wireless Stereo Headphones:

Best Price: $26.98

2. VB601 Wireless Baby Monitor Two-way Audio Night Vision Temperature Monitoring Lullabies ($47.77)

Looking to buy a thoughtful gift for tour pregnant friend? Then Read on!

Something that most parents require after a tiring day when there’s a baby in the house is some proper shut-eye. For proper sleep and rest, parents tend to keep their kids in a cradle either in the same room or the next. It is known that without explanation that the parents will have a sleep filled with stress and anxiety. This can be solved with a good baby monitor.

The best part about the VB601 is that it has a two-way audio channel that allows for parents to sing lullabies if the baby is just aroused from his/her sleep but hasn’t gone into full-on bawling mode yet. It also has night vision which can show clear visuals if kept 5 meters away from the baby. If the baby is kept in a room with a cooler, the monitor has an inbuilt temperature sensor for detecting the temperature helping to know if the room got too cold or hot by the middle of the night.

The VB601 can turn out to be the perfect gift for stressed parents with a baby in the house. Not just gifting the entire household relaxed sleep, but also providing carefree parenting is what the VB601 does.

Sensor: CMOS
Display: 2 inches
Battery: 600mAh Li-ion Battery
Features: Music, Night Vision, Remote Control, Music, Night Vision, Remote Control

Buy VB601 Wireless Baby Monitor:

Best Price: $47.77

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3. MEIZU EP52 Magnetic Neckband Stereo Bluetooth Headset ($34.99)

Best music companion for a gym freak!

Meizu is a Chinese company that offers simple and elegant audio products at an affordable price. EP52 is a wireless earphone that is supported by a magnetic neckband. The earphones are splash and sweat resistant with an IPX5 certification.

With comfort as their top priority, the earphone is made with silica gel.apart from the comfortable fit of the earphones, it also provides a seamless audio experience. With fitting earbuds that don’t fall of easily, the EP52 can be used for mild jogging and exercise runs. The EP52 is a wonderful gift for audiophiles that love a good bass on their ears.

Buy MEIZU EP52 Wireless Stereo Magnetic Headset:

Best Price: $34.99 (Flash Sale)

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4. Mobile phone gaming fire button trigger L1R1 Shooting Controller 2Pcs Black ($1.17)

Do you know a PUBG lover? Then here is something that you can gift him/her!

Gaming has been shifting away from the laptops and gaming consoles to mobile phones in recent times. With handheld devices, one major problem that arises is the lack of buttons on the exterior of the device and all controls being present on the touchscreen. This creates difficulties for people who are used to controllers and not the touchpad controls. It can mainly be seen in first person shooter games which require gunshots. The gaming fire trigger fixes this difficulty.

The trigger is an expandable piece which allows it to be used on phones of different sizes. It stays without being dislodged during game-play and helps for all shooter games.

Buy Fire button Gaming controller:

Best Price: $1.17

5. iPega PG – 9023 Practical Stretch Bluetooth Game Controller Gamepad Joystick with Stand – BLACK ($27.08)

The trigger which was mentioned above can be used only in shooter games. For those who want to experience the feel of using a controller but have only mobile phones or tablets, the iPega controller works as the best choice.

First and foremost, the controller has a battery life of about 20 hours, which can be achieved by charging it only for 2 hours. It can be extended so it works with any device between 5 to 10 inches. With such an easy to use controller mobile gaming can have that grandeur of console gaming without any compromise.

Buy iPega PG – 9023 Practical Stretch Bluetooth Game Controller:

Best Price: $27.08

6. Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor ($8.59)

The Aqara temperature humidity sensor can monitor the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure!

Another device that can help to regulate and know the conditions in rooms of babies where adult supervision isn’t present all the time is a temperature and humidity sensor. Xiaomi has the perfect solution to that with their sensor made in collaboration with Aqara.

Just like other Xiaomi home devices, this works post calibration with the Mi Home app. The sensor informs the temperature and humidity of whichever room the sensor is kept in. commands can be set so as to give alerts whenever the temperature or humidity is out of a set range. It is easy to set up and gives readings with only a small error percentage.

Buy Xiaomi Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor:

Best Price: $8.59 (Flash Sale Price)

7. Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Home Panoramic WiFi IP Camera ($39.99)

Installing cameras for home security is a touchy subject and one needs to choose the right device. One of the best cameras for this purpose with minimal blind spots is the Mijia 1080p Home Camera. Having a panoramic tilt and zoom motion, this enables the camera to have minimal blind spots. The micro SD card slot in the device can store more footage than before due to the x265 highly efficient video encoding which uses less storage.

Just like the temperature and humidity sensor mentioned above, the Mi Home app is the hub for this camera as well. One more perk of the camera is its night vision features to ensure round the clock surveillance.

Buy Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Wifi Camera:

Best Price: $39.99

8. Xiaomi mi band 3 smart bracelet ($25.99)

Xiaomi doesn’t step into the smartwatch territory but sticks to the basic wristbands with their Mi series of smart bands. They show the number of steps, heart rates and some elementary phone notifications as well. Made with a thermoplastic elastomer and a strap frozen with liquid nitrogen for a smooth finish, the band is comfortable and has fitting wrist circumference. It is also water resistant up to 50m to allow swimming, surfing and even scuba diving in moderate amounts without fear of damage to the smart band.

Rather than sticking to the bare minimum of showing the number of steps taken and heart rate, the Mi Band 3 has even more sophisticated features like weather predictions for the next three days and much more. The Mi Band 3 is a really great wristband that offers a lot of features in a simple device and has a great battery capacity that lasts more than 20 days with a single charge at an average.

Screen Size: 0.78 inches
Battery Capacity: 110mAh
Standby Time: approx 20 days
IP Rating: 5ATM
Display Resolution: 128 x 80

Buy Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Smart Bracelet:

Best Price: $25.99

9. F60B 4k wifi 170-degree wide angle action camera ($40.86)

Photography used to be an art form where people with the biggest lenses and expensive cameras reign. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. The phones that are in the market these days are so good that phone photography has become a common trend these days.

Trying to bring back the culture of camera photography is this Chinese product at an affordable cost. With the feel and look of a GoPro, this does exactly that. While it may not have the picture perfect 4K clarity of a highly designed camera, it still does the job with really good 1080p clarity.

With a 2-inch screen and choices to use it either on its own or adjust the settings from a smartphone with the companion app, the F60B is a good camera to capture the holiday cheer and many more memories.

Buy Xiaomi F60B 4k wifi 170-degree wide angle action Camera:

Best Price: $40.86

10. NO.1 F18 GPS Sports Smartwatch ($35.99)

Combining the sporty designs seen in watches and the technology to make them sporty technologically as well is the No 1 F18 Sports Smartwatch. It is designed in a robust and elegant manner that focuses on minimalism, yet gives the premium feeling of a sports watch.

It is IP68 30m certified to allow basic exposure to water without any problems popping up. It is also one of the most lasting smartwatches with an accurate GPS feature. While the battery may get drained faster when the GPS is turned on, it still provides a smooth functioning. The No1 F18 has all the features of smartwatches seen in the market with a great design at an amazing cost.

Buy NO.1 F18 GPS Sports Smartwatch:

Best Price: $35.99

We hope you liked our list of Best Cheap Tech Gifts under $50. If you’ve any other product that can make-up to the top 10 list? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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