Best Projectors Black Friday Deal 2018

Black Friday is always a massive time to purchase desired products as there are so many deals flooding the market right now. The 2018 Black Friday offers nothing less. There are enormous deals & discounts right now. You may want to look into the projector deals as often capable of delivering an outstanding picture quality even in bright rooms. But there are so many projectors and so many tempting deals, in the purpose of Black Friday you have to give a look into the best deals on the most quality projectors available right now in the market.

1. Xiaomi Mi Ultra 5000 ANSI Lumens Projector

Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short throw 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector The Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector has an advanced laser technology that allows it to 150 inches of full HD quality picture in just 50 centimeters. It has a static contrast ratio of up to 3000: 1. It also has very good sound quality. It has a built-in high-quality full frequency speaker. It also has a product life up to 20000 hours.

Coming with so many features the Xiaomi Mi Laser projector has an excellent deal on it. It has a 26% discount on it on Gearbest. The previous price was 1915.13(Euro). But it has been reduced to only 1424.00 (Euro). The deal is on for limited stocked products with a very limited time. So, you can avail this amazing offer and get the best out of Black Friday deals. But you have to hurry up.

2. Original XGIMI H1 DLP Projector

The XGIMI H1 DLP projector offers 1080p resolution with a massive theatre display of 300 inch without any signs of dropping pixels or resolution. The XGIMI has Quad-core 1.75 GHz CPU and a 3GB RAM. It even supports 3D display. As is has remote Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it can be easily connected to other devices. It has a very efficient 45mm dual audio sound system So, you can easily stream your shows and movies. Enhances gaming experience couldn’t be any better. It has an LED light source that ensures crystal clear picture quality. It also has a 30000-hour longevity.

This beast of a projector has a very tempting price deal on it. It has a 27% discount deal on black Friday. Its discounted deal price is € 605.20 (Euro) which is almost €220.20 (Euro) less the previous price. But the byers have to hurry if they have to avail this deal on this great device because of it ha a very limited time deal on it which will expire very soon.

3. Alfawise X 3200 Lumens HD 1080P Smart Projector

The Alfawise X is a wonderful smart projector with Quad-core 1.5GHz CPU and an Amlogic S905X consisting of RAM 1GB DDR3 type & ROM of 8GB NAND Flash. It has an ultra large projection size of almost 200 inch which can provide you with the ultimate viewing experience. It has a picture quality of 1080p. The 3200 lumen LED light efficiency. It has longevity of 20000 hours which will work for almost 10 years or even more. It will provide you with the ultimate experience for watching movies or shows and playing games in a bigger display and even listening to music. It has no radiation so it will not hard your health at all.

The Alfawise X smart projector has a completely fantastic deal on it available right now. It has a 19% discount on it. Its previous price was €154.34 (Euro). But the present price right now is €124.60 (Euro). So, with only 124.60 Euros you can get the best viewing experience with one of the best projectors in the market which can provide 200-inch display. Time and stocking is very limited so if you want to avail this offer you have to get up and purchase it in Gearbest right now!!!

4. YG – 300 LCD Projector 320 x 240 Home Media Player – YELLOW

We have been discussing large scale theatre projector types but there are also mobile projectors that are more suitable for smaller rooms which can be purchased with much less money. The YG – 300 is such a projector. Its resolution is 1080p. Its size is very small which can easily fit in the hand. It can provide a display of 80 inches max. It provides an LED light adopted with the new generation American Bridgelux. It has an advanced cooling system with sufficient ventilation system. Its contrast ratios of 800:1. Its lamp life is almost 30000 hours.

The YG-300 has an amazing deal going on it. The YG-300 has a 23% discount offer on black Friday on Gearbest. The discounted price right now is €32.04 (Euro). Its previous price was €41.42 (Euro). But it has a limited stocking and the deal is on for a very short time span. So, you have to hurry if you want to get this deal done.

5. JMGO J6S 4K Projector 1100 ANSI Lumens – SILVER

The JMGO J6S projector is operated by a 4 Core Amlogic chip. It is equipped with 2G DDR3 and 16G eMMC. It has a resolution of 1080p.  It also supports 4K. It has a GPU unit Mali-450MP. It has a contrast ratio of 3000:1 to 5000:1 for full clear and rich images. It has built in speakers for a better audio performance. It can create an 80 to 120-inch projection size from a 0.5m – 3m different room areas.

It also comes with an air mouse to operate. It is very compact and lightweight. It is very user compatible.

The Black Friday deal on this TV box is very alluring as it has a discount of 24% discount on it on Gearbest. Its discounted price is €578.50 (Euro). Its previous price was €765.84 (Euro). But buyers have to hurry as it has very less time on this deal. Very less time left on the deal with only a few stockings.


The Black Friday offers the buyers a large range of products with a lot of tempting deals.  Like with these projectors there is a large variety because people who are looking for a large-scale projection has to go for Xiaomi Mi Ultra or the XGIMI H1 DLP Projector. People who have a limited budget can go for the YG – 300 or the Alfawise X.  If your looking for a mid-range projector there is the JMGO J6S for you. So, it is up to you now to decide. But please do hurry as time is running out on these amazing deals.


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