Best Price for Dibea D18 Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner: Just $99.99

Best sale for a handheld vacuum cleaner

Dibea D18 rechargeable vacuum cleaner appeared on the market after the release of the popular models F6, C17, and ST1601. The novelty has become even more powerful with new features. Also, LED lighting has appeared. Regarding flash sales in Gearbest company now you can purchase this vacuum cleaner with 25% discount. Read more to see the features of Dibea D18 rechargeable vacuum cleaner and do not lose your chance to purchase it in a discount price.

Comparison of the most popular models from Dibea

Dibea D18 Dibea C17 Dibea ST1601
Suction power 9000 Pa / 4000 Pa 7000 Pa / 4000 pa 7000 Pa / 4000 Pa
Noise level 75 dB 75 dB 68 dB
Suction levels 2 2 2
Autonomy 25-45 min. 20-40 min. 25-40 min.
Weight 2.2 kg 3.2 kg 1.35 kg
Chamber volume 0.55 l 0.35 l 0.3 l

The package included the below mentioned items.

  • 0.55 l dust chamber;
  • vacuum cleaner tube;
  • floor nozzle;
  • brush head;
  • crevice nozzle;
  • charging cable;
  • Wall mount (without charging function);
  • manual in English.

Dibea D18

Dibea D18: Design

The Dibea design has long been copying from devices of the British manufacturer of rechargeable vacuum cleaners Dyson. Both D18, C17, and ST1601 are very similar to the Dyson V8 model, which is four times more expensive than the Dibea D18 vacuum cleaner. The assembled Dibea D18 (dust-collecting chamber, tube, handle, floor nozzle) has dimensions of 104 x 24 x 21 cm. Body material is plastic. Note that more reliable materials would surely increase the weight of the device, which is already an impressive 2.2 kg. It would have a negative effect on comfort while using the vacuum cleaner. However, do not worry about the plastic material of the body, because the tube and other elements, which by default must be strong, are made of metal.

Dibea D18

Dibea D18: Charging time and wall mount

Charging time here is 5 hours. We think that it is one of the disadvantages of the vacuum cleaner. For us, this is very surprising why a small 2200 mAh battery takes so long to charge. The charger connects to the vacuum cleaner in the handle at the back. Just above, you can find the LED indicator, which in green indicates that the gadget is charged. However, the supplied wall bracket looks cheap and unstable, but it holds the vacuum cleaner well, both assembled and unassembled. Mounting takes a few minutes.

Dibea D18 Dibea D18: Productivity

If outwardly the vacuum cleaner is very similar to both the Dyson V8 and the previous Dibea models, this gadget has unique technical characteristics.
There are two different levels of suction, the battery life, respectively, is different. The more power, the faster it is discharged. The lower absorption level of 4000 Pa provides 45 minutes of work from one charge, and the maximum power is 25 minutes. By the way, the maximum suction capacity is 9000 Pa. There is a special container for collecting dust and debris. Its counterparts are 0.55 l. The working noise of 75 dB, in my opinion, could be lower, but it is in the allowable range. For example, a relaxed conversation between two people is 60 dB. With such a noise, watching TV while cleaning will be problematic. On a hard floor and carpeting, the D18 shows a really good result. With the performance of the Roidmi F8 to compare a little trash or pet hair are absorbed perfectly.

Dibea D18: Other features

As we have already written, the vacuum cleaner comes with a variety of nozzles that can be used instead of the standard for more efficient cleaning.
A brush nozzle (top left in the figure) can be used for cleaning dense debris from carpets. With the help of the nozzle tube, it is convenient to clean the cobwebs in the corners of the apartment and is also well suited for cleaning the car.

LED lamps for dark corners

The most interesting feature of the vacuum cleaner battery are the LED lights installed on the main nozzle. This feature is very useful when you clean under the sofa or in dark corners.
Buying Dibea D18, you can not worry that because of a small breakdown, the entire vacuum cleaner will fail. Another advantage is that additional parts of the Dibea D18 are available on sale.


I used the Dibea D18 for two weeks, and I can say that the suction power is good for a model in a price range up to $ 100. The camera with garbage is filled longer because of the increased volume than other similar models. I also really like the design. Thanks to the backlight on the floor nozzle, the Dibea D18 has an advantage in the price segment. At the moment this is the best battery vacuum cleaner in the price segment of up to $ 100.
The main advantages of the Dibea D18 are performance, price, light, and autonomy. The disadvantages will only take a long charging time. Considering all the above-mentioned features, advantages and disadvantages of the Dibea D18 rechargeable vacuum cleaner we definitely, recommend for purchase.

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