[Best Offer] Smart Door Lock Supporting Alexa Voice Commands At $195.72

Many have heard about the smart door locks when Xiaomi launched one of the world’s most secure and cost-effective products in this niche in face of the Mijia Smart Door Lock. But in fact, there have been too many products in this niche for a while. Moreover, it can be said Xiaomi is a newbie in this market. To find more information about the smart doors and their brands and learn how to choose the best product suitable to you, just read this article. But if you don’t have enough time and just want to choose a good and reliable product for your home, here is a great model with a discounted price tag. The RSH – WD003 that has managed to gain a great popularity is currently offered at $195.72. Yes, the price is quite low. But we guess you are more interested in its key features.

RSH - WD003 smart door lock

The biggest highlight of the RSH – WD003 smart door lock is that it supports up to five security options, including fingerprint unlock, app unlock through your smartphone, RFID card unlock, password unlock, and mechanical key unlock. Apart from these features, it also has a smart centralized controller, which is used through routers and computers for temporary password distribution, making management easy for mass housing. Thus, it can be used not only for home security but also for hotel rooms and apartments. By the way, the company uses the patent QsFinger technology. But we’d like to focus on its support for Alexa voice commands.

The second highlight of the RSH – WD003 smart door lock is its minimalistic design with a standard thickness. Thus, you can install it on any door with 4-10cm thickness. Inside it has four AA batteries that will provide a year of lifetime. But if the battery runs out, there is a USB port on the bottom side to charge it with a power bank.

RSH - WD003 smart door lock

At last, the RSH – WD003 smart door lock supports an alarm system for the hostile attack. Shortly, this is a quite affordable smart door lock with all the required features.  


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