[Best Offer] Grab The Original Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G For Just $46.99

WiFi network is absolutely necessary for fast internet network connection in your home or office. With a good wifi router, you will have the opportunity to experience stable wireless network for all wifi enable devices such as a computer, smartphones, TV box, and smart-home gadget. If you stream 4k HD video online or play online games, then a good smart wifi network is very important as it will allow you to enjoy entertainment without hassle and frustration that comes from a bad network. Xiaomi the Chinese manufacturing giant comes with a laudable Wifi router 3G.  Xiaomi is known for the production of top-notch devices which includes smartphones, computer, tablet, smart wireless wall socket, Electric scooter, home security kit, stainless water bottle, Tv box, high capacity power bank and so on. This Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G is currently available on Gearbest for just $48.99. Its considered cheap considering it great specification and sublime hardware. Click the link below to get the device.

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The Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G is made of plastic but it feels quite sturdy. Its Similar to other Xiaomi’s smart products, the Mi router features a minimalist design with a white exterior. This device is super thin with no button on it. The rear side of the device sports some ports, which include 2 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, a power port and a USB 2.0 port. The router is bundled with 4 external antennas to deliver a wider coverage. It has a dimension of 19.50 x 13.10 x 2.40 cm and a total weight of 261grams. This router is extremely light as there is only a mainboard inside the plastic body. This device does not have a power button so you just need to plug in the power adapter and connect to your modem, then everything is ready.

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The Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G is a dual-band 802.11ac router that can operate on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The four powerful high-gain external antennas give wider coverage and better performance when lots of devices are connected, making it ideal even for a large home. Thanks to new MT7621A MIPS dual-core CPU and fast 256MB DDR3 RAM (that’s twice as much RAM as the previous model) you will get seamless experience and best quality of internet connection that you can have. The maximum transmission rate is 1167 Mbps, so that should be sufficient for even the most expensive and fastest internet plan from your provider that is currently available.

Security is another important thing to consider when choosing a router. Luckily Xiaomi has it covered: besides standard security protocols like WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, it has seven layers of hardware protection: anti-malware, anti-crack, anti-hijack and more. Couple it with decent anti-virus software and your internet defense will be impregnable!

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Main Features:

  • Stable and reliable: MT7621A processor, 128MB SLC Nand Flash ROM, 256MB DDR3-1200.
  • The latest 802.11ac WiFi standard: get 3x faster access and more reliable streaming for your home computers and mobile devices.
  • Simultaneous dual-band networks, 2.4GHz ( 300Mbps ) and 5GHz ( 867Mbps ).
  • Four external antennas for faster wireless performance at greater distances.
  • Manage your network settings easily with the Xiaomi Mi WiFi APP.

Where Can I buy The Original Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G For Just $46.99?

The Original Xiaomi WiFi Router 3G is currently on sale at Gearbest for $46.99. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE. Click the link the below for easy access to get this device.



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