[Best Offer] Dibea DT550 Sweeping Robot With Mopping at $226.51

Now there are too many manufacturers specializing in making smart home appliances. But most of them are copying what others do. In this sense, for a regular customer, it’s difficult to make the right purchase decision. We mean most of our readers may not be aware of what features they should pay attention to when buying a new smart home appliance. Moreover, they may not know how much ordinary product costs and whether this or that model deserves the money required for it. Today, we are going to talk about the newly-announced robotic vacuum, namely the Dibea DT550. There are a few reasons why we choose this model. And the most interesting among them is one – probably, this is the cheapest sweeping robot if taking into account the complete features list it comes with.

Dibea DT550

But we decided to talk about its advantages at the end. First, let’s look what we’d like to see on it and what it lacks. Surprisingly, the only thing we couldn’t see in its specs list is the lack of app control. But we guess you will agree to save a few hundred dollars in benefit of this shortcoming. Plus, there is no virtual wall support.

Now, let’s see why we are excited about this product. The Dibea DT550 supports two types of cleaning. Besides the regular cleaning, it also supports mopping. Moreover, due to the new chip, it senses the environment and intelligently controls the water output. The water tank has a large volume of 220ml. Thus, you don’t need to add water frequently. There is a special TAB chip algorithm that ensures the Dibea DT550 doesn’t leak water under abnormal working conditions.

As for the regular cleaning, it is not powerful in terms of suction, coming with a maximum 600Pa. Of course, in comparison to other cleaning robots, the Dibea DT550 has nothing to offer. But let’s talk frankly. All those cleaning robots offer up to around 2000Pa suction power. But the latter is for the Maximum mode, which makes much noise and consumes much power. Therefore, it’s not used frequently. When it comes to the standard mode, they work at 600Pa or 800Pa suction power. So the suction power of this model for the standard mode is quite acceptable.

Dibea DT550

What we like more, the Dibea DT550 features multiple sensors that provide not only a real-time positioning but also prevents the cleaning robot from falling and avoiding obstacles. Our protagonist uses Monte Carlo algorithm to plan the most optimal cleaning route.

The hardware is very attractive. The Dibea DT550 sports a brushless motor, a V-shaped roller brush, rubber rollers to climb 25-degree and 1.5cm obstacles, and a 2150mAh battery that is enough to work 90-110 minutes and clean up to 120 square meters. Of course, it supports auto-recharging.

There are up to 6 cleaning modes, including the random cleaning, focus area cleaning, edge cleaning, arched cleaning, deep cleaning, and area cleaning.   


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