[Best Offer] 3 for 1, the Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase, Towel and Neck Pillow for only $109.16 (Coupon)

Finally, the last month of the year has arrived, December and with it, the offers in all type of products are fired with amply, and this last we say it of literal form since thus it is. The offers are increasingly sweeping, showing us incredible discounts that will inflate our pocket and this is because many of them are supported by the Chinese tycoon, Xiaomi, who has been combining forces with Gearbest to bring us the best of the best, between they can highlight the Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Light Strip, a luminous strip that is part of these discounts and as expected the protagonist or better said, the protagonists of this section are outlined with a dream price, know the Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase, Towel and Neck Pillow, a 3 in 1 products for our trips.


Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow IntroductionXiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow: 3 products in 1

The Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow is presented as a 3-in-1 product aimed at the most traveling users since each complements each other to provide us with greater comfort during our trips. The first of these is a suitcase, which is made of PVC on the outside, thanks to this it has much more resistance against shock and falls, its corners have an extra reinforcement since usually these are the parts that tend to withstand the greatest impact should you fall. Inside we will find a design made of polyester, being a relatively standard material. It has 4 pairs of wheels which are located at each end, these are wide and durable, a feature well received in these products. It has dimensions of 61 x 42 x 25, reaching 24 inches, offering enough space.

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Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow Suitcase

Finally, it comes in 4 colors, black, blue, white and gray, so the variety is guaranteed as far as personalization is concerned. The next product in this 3 in 1 is a C-shaped pillow, it is made of cotton, a very comfortable and soft material, excellent for our necks, a detail to consider is that we can not choose the color of it since it will be packed completely at random. Last but not least the third on this list is a towel, which is made of cotton, it is perfect to wash your face and keep dry during those heated trips, again the same detail we have with the pillow, we can not choose the color of it and therefore we only have to be surprised when we see it.

Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow Pillow

 Where to buy it?

Currently, we can buy the  Xiaomi 24 inch Travel Suitcase Towel Neck Pillow in Gearbest with an incredible discount,  all we have to do is apply the following coupon (bagshoesoff), so the final price will be only $109.16.  Like any offer, it has a  time limit, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:


How to redeem my coupon?

The process to redeem our coupon is very simple, all we have to do is add the product to the shopping cart, then we will proceed to apply it and that’s it. Here we present an image in which the coupon is applied:

Xiaomi Set

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