Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers to Enjoy Top-Class Services!

The web hosting industry is saturated with dozens of companies making it much difficult to figure out which one is the perfect one. Newbies having no to zero knowledge find it frustrating and annoying to choose between different web hosting services, but luckily we’ve researched my hosts and crafted this list carefully by keeping in mind al the essential features that are required to run a smooth WordPress blog or business websites.

You can also choose a shared hosting but managed WordPress host deliver state of the art services along with dedicated support. On the other hand, they also implement sever level optimizations to enhance performance which means zero optimization on your side. Before making any decision, you should decide which one would be the best for you between shared and managed services as it also helps you save a lot of money. Because, managed hosting for WordPress comes with a dedicated expert technical support and exclusive tools, so it costs more than the shared hosting plans.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Top 5 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers to Enjoy Top-Class Services


If money doesn’t matter and you’re one of those who prefers to have cutting-edge hosting powered by Google cloud’s advanced infrastructure with various third party tools integration, then Kinsta is the perfect place to get started. They are using Google Cloud platform and combined dozens of tools to enhance performance and usability. The company has multiple data center locations around the world to ensure lowest ping latency and fastest loading speeds.

When it comes to support team, you get outstanding and instant support via different channels including live chat and phone call, etc. It’s available 24/7 for the whole year, there are no weekends. The intuitive control panel allows monitoring server resources in real time right from the dashboard. There you can manage multiple websites, backups, DNS, and other stuff easily.


WPEngine is serving the customers for a while and earned massive respect from professional bloggers as well as webmasters due to delivering peace of mind hosting services. The expert backend team behind WPEngine work day and night to innovate new technologies, implement and experiment them, and provide modern solutions for all users ranging from individuals to enterprises. They also have contributed to WordPress Core to increase its performance.

Just like Kinsta, they are also utilizing Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud platform. You get advanced features and easy integration with third party tools. In fact, they already blend more than 40+ tools including NewRelic and uptime monitoring, etc. which not only allow more functionalities but also track the reliable of your websites in real time.

Plus, the powerful API and intelligent panel assist regarding page performance, speed, and optimization ideas. Furthermore, built-in CDN, free SSL by Let’s Encrypt, free migration, staging sites are also included for all plans at no extra fees. If you find them expensive which they really are, then these WPEngine alternative companies might help you choose the cheaper one.


It was founded back in 2012 with the aim to help designers and developers launch their personal blog or professional portfolio without facing any problems. Just like WPEngine, they only provide managed web hosting solutions. They have a remote team from all over the globe that works hard to ensure stable services and latest tools. To make things easier, team collaboration feature comes handy because it concedes adding multiple users with different roles and you can eliminate any of them when needed.

When working with FlyWheel, you get free nightly backups and these can be restored with a simple one mouse click. It makes it much convenient to restore your blog when things go wrong or your site gets compromised. Plus, fine-tuned servers deliver lightning fast loading speed which also plays a vital role to improve your SERP ranking. They do offer free malware cleaning and protect hosting environment. They host also have numerous data centers and much more.


Besides the fact that BlueHost is officially recommended by WordPress.org, this host gained massive reputation by newbies and starter bloggers for building a website on WP platform. It’s one of the 20 largest hosting providers in the world, handling more than 2 million domains. If you cannot afford expensive managed hosting, then BlueHost is a good place under budget as the very first subscription starts at only $19.99/month allowing 100 million traffic, 30GB storage, and 2GB RAM along with a free domain registration for the first year.

You also get free SSL certificate, 30GB space for backups, 1 dedicated IP address, and custom designed cPanel. They have developed exclusive tools for WP sites that can be used to create backups, activate SSL, modify WordPress setting details, add users, and much more. The cutting-edge network is built with NGNIX architecture, PHP-FPM, Advanced CDN, and branded hardware to avoid slow speeds and downtimes which is resulting in fastest web hosting and maximum 99.9% uptime reliability.


With years of industry experience and thousands of customer worldwide, SiteGround is handling more than 1 million domains under their umbrella. They have all kind of web hosting services including shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, reseller, and managed WordPress hosting. Apart from that, you can also register your domain name while buying any package. Unlike BlueHost, they don’t offer a free domain name on the purchase of annual plans.

SiteGround’s managed WP hosting comes with in-house built features such as custom LXC container technology, pro-active servers monitoring, custom cache mechanism called SuperCacher with multiple layers, and robust CHROOT isolation. Moreover, free SSL certificates, SSD storage, and free backups are also added for all. There is only one limitation, specific monthly visitors for each package like the very basic allow 10k visits per month.

The most awesome thing about them is their excellent support which can be availed via chat, phone, and tickets. They fix your issues on the priority basis as soon as possible and there not anyone else who is offering the same quality at the same price tag. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee.


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