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Best Laptop 2018: You Can Purchase

Best Laptop 2018: You Can Purchase

Best users always seek for best laptop 2018. We are presenting the best laptop 2018 here in the article to support the buyers getting the suitable model. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a budget notebook, a productive tool, or a screaming machine, the necessary consultants are needed here.

Best laptop 2018

1. Google Pixel Book

best laptop 2018
• A high-end Chromebook
• CPU: Intel Core i5 – i7 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 615 | RAM: 8 GB to 16 GB Display: QHD touch screen (2,400 x 1,600) 12.3 inches memory: 128 GB – 512 GB SSD
• Lovely design
• Full support for Android application
• Pens are available separately
• There is no biometric link

Why Google Pixel Book?

Designed for users who want to avoid the complex nature of Windows or Mac, Chromebooks have been successful in accessibility in recent years. Google Pixelbook is no exception. Pixelbook is twice as expensive as the average Chrome OS device and does not have the expected stylus, but it is ready in the future. It has support for the Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port for accessories and ultra-fast file transfers, an inward rotating hinge to watch movies on the plane, and perhaps the best Android application support. There are some problems to solve the problem now, but from Sony the hedgehog to the VLC you can access the entire Pixelbook Google Play Store. The test has a battery life of 7 hours and 40 minutes, but you can do it for a while without charging. If you are looking for an inexpensive Chromebook, try the Asus Flip Chromebook at the top of this page.

2. Lenovo Yoga 920:

Another remarkable 2 in 1 laptop among the list best laotop 2018.


• Processor: Intel Core i7-855 OU
• Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620
• RAM: 8 GB to 16 GB
• Display: 13.9 inches 1920 x 1080 – 13.9 inches 3840 x 2160
• Memory: 256 GB – 1 TB SSD
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11ac; Bluetooth 4.1
• Camera: Front 720p
• Beautiful design
• thin
• Decent power
• Lack of graphic power
• The keyboard is always annoying in tablet form
• Fans may be strong when they come

The best laptop 2018 was 2 to 1, Lenovo added the excellent Lenovo Yoga 920 to this list. It has a wonderful elegant design and its construction quality is excellent. With 360-degree articulation, you can convert a laptop to a tablet device and flexibly deal with every aspect of the word. It is cheaper than Surface Book 2, it does not offer the same quality in tablet mode, but it is a device with excellent power supply and battery life. It is definitely a worthwhile option and it is one of the best laptop 2018 I saw this year.

3. Acer swift 3

Acer swift 3
• Excellent budget book that is superior to what you hear
• CPU: Dual-core Intel Core i3 – i7
• Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620
• RAM: 4 GB to 8 GB DDR 4
• Display: 14 inches full HD (1920 x 1080) ComfyView IPS
• Memory: 128 GB to 256 GB SSD
• Strong price
• Lifetime of fixed star battery
• Watch gaze
• Blast speaker
You may be convinced that “Budget Ultrabook” is a contradiction so far, but Acer Swift 3 reversed this general misunderstanding. This is because the company adopted the Acer Swift 7 aluminum frame and provided more affordable components to everyone. Although it does not work on MacOS, Acer Swift 3 overwhelms the old MacBook Air in all respects. Of course, in order to keep the price too low, Acer had to sacrifice in the process of competition.
Also in 2018 we reviewed the next version of Swiss 7 at CES 2018. It has improved graphics and processing specifications. This may be the location of this list if it starts later this year.

4. Asus Transformer Mini T102HA

• Compact and versatile touch screen laptop with attractive price
• CPU: Intel Atom X5 – Z8350 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics – Intel HD 400 Graphics
• RAM: 2 GB to 4 GB
• Display: 11.6 inches 1.366 x 768 HD IPS Touch Screen Memory: 32 GB
• Small and lightweight
• Good autonomy
• Keyboard is included
• Slow performance
Asus Transformer Mini T102HA is a wonderful device if you can carry around with a portable Windows laptop in your bag and you can lose weight throughout the day. To be honest, it is not the fastest laptop in the world. Therefore, you do not have to wait for video editing. However, for simple daily work, it is more than that. Since it is converted to a tablet, it is similar to other 2 in 1 laptops in this list. You can choose whether or not to take the keyboard with you. And it’s standard, so you do not need to pay it extra. So, can take it or take the list of best laptop 2018.

5. Dell XPS 15

• Dell XPS 15 is the best laptop 2018 with 15-inch in this year.
• Processor: Intel Core i5-7300 HQ – i7-7700 HQ
• Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 1050 with 4 GB GDDR 5
• RAM: 8 GB to 16 GB DDR 4
• Display: Extreme pinch of Ultra HD screen (3840 x 2160) up to 15.6 inch
• Memory: 1 TB HDD – 512 GB SSD
• Incredible power
• High screen
• Thin design
• Bad site of Webcam

I like the appearance of XPS 13 at the best laptop 2018 of the list, but if you need more graphics, Dell XPS 15 might be the best laptop 2018. With the same Infinity Edge technology, the screen extends to the edge of the machine. In other words, by 2017 you can build 15 inches laptops. Depending on the version you obtained it is quite expensive. The high-tech version is equipped with 4K color display for graphic design. Game performance is perfect even with lower midrange settings.
Now, you have come to know which are the best laptop 2018. Take your time and buy that one you find suitable.

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