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Best Kodi Builds of 2019 to stream Movies and TV Shows

Being a kodi user, we need to accept the fact that Kodi is fading away. It is losing its popularity. We strongly believe Kodi builds are the only way to restore the last glory of Kodi. In this article, we will share some of the best kodi builds for firestick.

If this is your first experience with kodi builds, here is a layman introduction about kodi builds. You can consider kodi as the basement of the house. And the columns and beams are Kodi builds and another program addons which helps in the proper working of kodi. And kodiaddons are the outer structure to give functionality, user interface and a lot more.

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These latest builds for Kodi allows you to install all the necessary addons, skins, tweaks and program addons in a single click. You don’t have to waste your time in the quest for the best kodiaddons. Try these builds, you can stream all the content in a single click via an integrated User Interface.

What is the best kodi build?

The next question will be what is the best kodi build? This is a subjective question which purely depends on the device you are using the performance of the builds you are using. So we will be analysing the pros and cons of some of the best kodi builds. Depending on your need you can select the best kodi build from the list.

  1. Titanium Kodi build

It is classic and robust of all kodi builds. This build is a work of art. It was equipped with lots of kodiaddons to provide uninterrupted entertainment to the user. Some of the famous addons are Supremacy Sports, Deathstar, Yoda, Maverick TV, Gaia, Placenta, Sports Devil, Deceit, Anubis, and few more. All these addons are integrated into the Titanium kodi build with a stunning interface to access all the contents in a single click.

With this build, you can enjoy movies, TV shows, Live Sports, Live TV, and PPV events. Its one of the very few builds to receive regular updates and tweaks for better performance. Titanium Kodi build is compatible with both Kodi Krypton and Leia.

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  1. No Limits Magic Build

It is the most downloaded and used kodi builds of all times. On the user point of view, No Limit Magic Build is the best Kodi build of 2019. It features Aeon Nox 5 Silver Skin to give a realistic experience to the user.  A kodi build can never have a better interface than this. And lots of tweaks and updates are released on a regular basis to improve user engagement.

No limits Magic build is packed with the best kodiaddons to give quality contents to the user. And the developers of this build made sure to use the most powerful scrappers to fetch the content in the least possible time. Some of the popular addons included in this build are Monster Munch, Neptune Rising, Nemesis, Yoda, Magic Dragon, Maverick TV and few more.

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3.Misfit Mods LiteKodi Build

Most of the users install Kodi in the hopes of streaming all the contents for free which includes movies, TV shows, music, PPV, Live TV, and other events. Misfit mod is the best all in one kodi build which provides all such contents in a one-click play. And the available contents are classified into categories to increase user-friendliness.

Misfit Mod Lite includes lots of power packed addons like Rising tides, Yoda, Maverick TV, Supremacy, Death Star, Monster Munch and few more. You can enjoy all the contents from these addons under one roof. In addition to that, Misfit Mod Lite is a special build for firestick. Its programs are optimized for firestick usage. Misfit Mod lite is compatible with Kodi Leia version. If you are using the Krypton Version, you can go for the Misfit Mod Standard version.

Final Words

Having the best build on your firestick will do nothing if you can’t use the full potential of it. When it comes to streaming lots of the content are blocked or Geo-restricted. So you need a VPN to access these contents. In addition to this, a good VPN like Express VPN and IPVanish can protect your Identity and allows you to stay under the government radar.

These are the top 3 best Kodi Builds of 2019. We are positive that you won’t need anything other than these three Builds. All these builds are premium and most used builds. Make sure to try these builds, if you are facing any glitches or other technical issue do let us know in the comments section. We would be glad to solve your issue.


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