Best Gaming Graphics Cards in 2018: Nvidia and AMD GPU Reviews

The current generation of gaming graphics cards is characterized by immense power. As technology forges ahead, the need for more powerful graphics processors has become crucial. Most games in the market today are either in FHD or UHD resolution. The high-quality graphics, therefore, demand even more powerful graphics cards in order to run smoothly. Over the years, many manufacturers have ventured into the gaming graphics cards industry. You can thus find a range of quality cards regardless of your needs or budget. Even though various brands are available, only two stand out as the undisputed champions in the realm of gaming – Nvidia and AMD GPUs. Here is a quick look at the best gaming graphics cards from these two companies in 2018.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

Starting off with the latest and greatest from Nvidia, this GPU is among the new generation of processors that promise you the best 4K performance. The processor has some impressive raw specs that include:

  • 4K playback at 60 FPS
  • Multi-display support, and;
  • A high CUDA core count.

It it usually rare for a new GPU to come with the best features in the market and still be supported by a wide range of games in the market. This is not the case with GTX 1080 Ti as it supports most of the titles in the market whether they are new or dated. The excellent frame rate coupled with improved cooling makes this processor one of the most well-rounded in the market. The GPU is also not too expensive to be out of reach for most people.

Radeon RX 580

Moving on to AMD, the Radeon RX 580 is undoubtedly the most balanced processor and thus the best option that you will find in the market. Not only will you get 2K playback and 60 FPS but you will also get more than enough memory to hold all the intensive games. AMD manages to include some modern cooling fans in the GPU as well and barely any heat problems are expected with this GPU. The combination of great memory size and superfast speeds make this graphics card an overall champion for multiple uses. The graphics card can be used for forex analysis as well as other memory-intensive operations. Some of the advantages of this card are:

  • Excellent speeds
  • A great frame rate for most games
  • Decent cooling

Radeon RX 550 D5

While still on the Radeon processors realm, the Radeon RX 550 D5 is probably the best budget GPU you will get in the market. Most people almost always expect to part ways with huge chunks of money when they venture into the market for GPUs. This does not have to be the case though. With just about $120, you can purchase this GPU. The processor is not particularly unimpressive despite its low price. It can indeed handle FHD games at an impressive 30 FPS. This is almost unheard of for processors at this price range. In addition to that, the Radeon RX 550 D5 supports overclocking and with just the right supportive hardware, you can be able to see some impressive specs with the processor for high-end games. The raw specs for the GPU include:

  • Single-click Super Overclocking
  • DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI support
  • 2 GB memory, 1100 MHz base clock
  • Hardware-accelerated H.265 encoding and decoding

Nvidia GTX 1050

Finally, the entry-level graphics cards are hard to ignore and the Nvidia GTX 1050 is unquestionably the king in this realm. Entry-level GPUs are right in the middle of the mid-budget price point of GPU’s in the market. The performance of the processors is however enviable. These cards are much better than budget cards in both performance and raw specifications. The Nvidia GTX 1050 is specifically a great option that has specifications like:

  • 30-60 FPS for most game titles in the market
  • 1354 MHz base clock and 1455 MHz boost clock
  • Power efficiency
  • Decent cooling system

As you can expect, the entry-level GPUs are in no way capable of reaching high-end performance. This does not mean that they are ineffective though. The Nvidia GTX 1050 maintains a decent 30 FPS playback for almost anything thrown at it. Of course, the low 2GB memory is a drawback and there are competitor cards like the RX 560 with better memory. Nvidia’s reputation and excellence come into play though and this card is simply the most complete option that you will find in the market in this category.

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