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Darwin rightly said that evolution is all about the survival of the fittest. The one’s who don’t adapt well with the changing time end up on the verge of extinction. Evolution isn’t a concept restricted to living organisms on earth. It is a concept universally applicable to every sphere be it environment or the business world. In 1991, the then Finance Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh took the very first step towards an evolution into the Indian market by the introducing the Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation policy after which the Indian economy has never looked back. Who would have a thought a decision taken in 1991 will  bring in the “smart” phones without which we cannot imagine our lives nowadays. In this very article , we shall focus on one particular type of application, an application which is what notifies you about an incoming phone call. Yes!! You guessed it right we’re going to talk about the best “Ringtone” applications for your smartphones.

Before addressing the elephant in the room , I would like to answer a question which might be looming in all of your minds; Why should I download a ringtone app when my smartphone comes with a set of pre-installed ringtones? Why make that extra effort? The answer to this question , I would like to say that Yes! Your smartphone does come with pre-installed ringtones but there’s another side to this statement. Everybody who buys a smartphone from the same company gets access to the same set of ringtones. That’s something nobody from today’s generation likes. We are in a time where everyone tries to be unique and no body likes to use something which the other person is already using. Also its not just about being unique, the ringtone applications keeps you up to date with the ongoing trends. Always wondering how to get your favourite Bollywood song as your ringtone? No need to worry now you can download any of the apps which I’m about to discuss and you’ll be good to go. Moreover the apps aren’t just restricted to providing you with unique and popular ringtones, they also provide a lot of other features too like allowing you to choose from the variety of wallpapers and themes for your smartphones.

Now lets begin with the much awaited list of the best  ringtone apps which every android user can choose from to have a seamless and satisfying experience. I guarantee that by the end of this article , you’ll definitely download on of these applications. So here it goes:

  1. Audiko: An app that allows you to set wallpapers and themes for your android device in addition to letting you create ringtones from your favourite music for your android devices. The app boasts a freakish collection of about 2 million ringtones , a custom ringtone maker giving you an advantage of standing out from the crowd by customizing your favourite music. Though this app has got many banner ads in it, you can easily remove those ads with the help of Lucky Patcher mod The app also boasts frequent updates in a wise attempt to keep you up to date with the latest technological advancements. For those who always look for more, Audiko is the perfect app for you. The app guarantees an easy and seamless experience with its easy browse through menu.
  2. MTP Ringtones and Wallpapers: A better name for this app would be an all rounder app because just like Audiko, the app isn’t restricted to just letting you create ringtones for your android device. The app is a storehouse of great popular ringtones for you to choose from. The name also discloses another side of the app, it also allows you to set wallpapers and themes on your android device. For those who aren’t tech savy, the app provides an easy and smooth experience with its easy to use built in device letting you create a unique and custom ringtone for your android device.
  3. Ringdroid: It is said that those who take the first movers advantage often end up with a great market share. It is one of the oldest and longest existing app on the app store which allows you to create custom ringtones for your android device. The app allows you to download your favourite songs and cut and trim them to make your favourite ringtones. I’m pretty sure that anytime before if you did search for a ringtone app, you must have stumbled upon this app. For those who believe that old is gold and those who are a believer of the classics, Ringdroid is the right app for you.
  4. Zedge: An app that allows you to create customised ringtones for your android devices. Wait that’s not it. It also allows you to set wallpapers and themes for your android devices. The app feature list doesn’t end here, Zedge allows you to set alarms and notification tones in addition to letting you convert your favourite song into a catchy and trend setting ringtone. For those who like to stand out from the crowd and set a trend, Zedge is the match made in heaven for you.
  5. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone maker: The name says pretty much everything about the app. For those who still couldn’t guess it, the app is a great platform for downloading your favourite music, trimming it as per your need and eventually converting it into a ringtone of your choice. The app gives you one much needed advantage , it allows you to convert your personal music into a customized ringtone for your android devices. So what are you waiting for ? Bring out the singer and musician in you and try making your personal music into an awesome ringtone to make your group’s eyes pop out. For thos who are always ready to try something new, MP3 Cutter and Ringtone maker is the right app for you.
  6. Ringtone Maker: In a list of almost similar apps , this app is destined to stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for an app which isn’t just an ordinary ringtone app, Ringtone maker is the right app for you. It allows you to download your favourite song and convert it into a ringtone for your android device. Wait that’s not it ! It allows you to cut, copy and paste your music also providing you with the features of fade in and fade out ultimately letting you create an altogether different ringtone for your android device.
  7. Zen Ringtones: Lets begin with a bang here, the app already has around ninety five readymade ringtones from which you can choose the perfect ringtone for your android device as per your convenience. The app allows you to set customized notification tones for your contacts and lets you set alarms. An exciting and engaging app, Zen ringtones is a must have app on your smartphone devices if you wish to be special and unique.
  8. Cellsea: Just like Zedge, Cellsea app offers a lot more functions than just creating a ringtone for your device. The one major advantage which the app offers is that it allows you to work with a whole lot of file types ultimately guaranteeing you to have a larger pool to choose your ringtones from. It allows you to experiment with a much larger music base giving your ringtones a much needed edge over the others. The formats available are MP3, WAV, AMR, 3GPP, AAC, and MP4. For those who love to experiment with a variety of file types and for those who like to be up to date with the ongoing trends , Cellsea is the app for you.

That’s all for now folks!! In this article we embarked upon a journey which took us through an awesome list of the best ringtone applications for android devices. If you want to shine out from the crowd and be the trend setter go for any of the apps from the list and I guarantee that it won’t disappoint you. So what are you waiting for open the Google play store and click on the search bar . Type the name of your favourite ringtone app from the above list. Click on “Install” and you’ve unlocked an experience of a lifetime. Ready, set and go!! Be a trend setter , surprise everyone with your unique ringtones because there’s no fun in being ordinary when you can be extraordinary and unique. Make a list of your favourite songs and create awesome ringtones and notification tones for your android smartphone device.  Set wallpapers, themes and alarms because in today’s time everybody wants more than just the basic features from an android application.



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