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Best Drones 2019: Quadcopters for Beginners and Professionals

Looking for the best Drone of 2019, here you are at the right place to find the differences among the top drones. There is never a good time to purchase a drone. This is due to the reason that now a day the drones come with the 4k cameras along with the foldable function. So you can take them to your adventure where you are headed.
Another feature that every professional and beginner will look for is the Super-Steady videos. You will get this in all of the drones down there.

You are not a professional?

Don’t’ worry, drones are easy to conquer and easy to operate. The hard part is to choose the best Drone for your needs.

After the look at each hand every Drone out this year, we have brought up a few top best drones that are suitable for different conditions. Drones from DJI are as always ruling the market in every aspect, doesn’t matter you are beginner or professional.

The best thing you are in 2019 is that now even the cheap drones provide the 4k and steady video stabilizations.
Finding the best drone today is not quite hard. But you have to make it sure that you are flying your Drone in the legal area. For this part, we have got you some drone which will look after it and will warn you for the legal and illegal areas to fly the Drone.

Let’s dive in to choose the best drone of 2019 for you:

1. DJI Mavic Air:

There cannot be the best part than capturing the beauty of the spring blossom and flowering trees through the air. After looking to the several drones in the market for numerous hours, we think that the best Drone for most of the flyers out there is DJI MAVIC AIR. The Drone is not the top Drone of DJI, but in some parts, it is affordable and provides great quality. Drone folds in the compact size and can be carried to different parts. The Drone will help you capture the video at 4k resolution. You can control the Drone by the hand gestures.

Best drones of 2019

We would suggest the DJI MAVIC AIR if you are looking for the best images and videos in the air. The Drone will cost you half price as compared to the DJI MAVIC 2 PRO which costs $1479 and the MAVIC 2 ZOOM which comes with the 2X zoom and is worth $1279.


  • Incredible Portability
  • 4K video at up to 100Mbps
  • Near-perfect obstacle avoidance


  • Needs multiple batteries


The DJI MAVIC 2 PRO stand on the second in the list of Best drones of 2019. The serious buyers of the Drone will need to look at this Drone. The DJI MAVIC 2 PRO is the most powerful Drone along with the foldable function. The Drone can dodge the obstacles autonomously. The best part is the camera, which produces the best looking aerial imagery you will ever see. It is sure that you will get all these features on DJI MAVIC, but the MAVIC 2 PRO is way better than it.

Best drones of 2019

With this Drone, you are able to look at forward, backward, upward, and downward, also on right and left. The camera will blow your mind with the larger 1-inch image sensor which can capture 4K video in 10 bit color. With this camera you get the billion more discrete colors as compare to the others.


  • Excellent foldable design
  • New photo and video modes
  • Superior Camera


  • It cannot shoot 4k at 60fps.

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3. DJI Spark:

DJI Spark stood on the third in our list of Best drones of 2019. The DJI Spark is the Drone for the people who cannot afford the top drones from DJI. The design of the Drone is cool with the great gestures and colored body. You can easily control the Drone with the help of smartphone. You will have to make a look that you can only control the Drone with the smartphone. Company will not provide you with any other additional controller.
This is most affordable Drone from DJI brand. It is super easy to carry the Drone in your bag for your next adventure.

Best drones of 2019


  • Controller free gesture controls
  • Automatic Quickshot modes


  • Short flight time

4. Xiaomi Fimi X8:

On our list of Best drones of 2019, Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE stands on the 4th. The reason is that the Drone is the clone of DJI MAVIC AIR. If you are DJI lover but cannot afford the DJI MAVIC AIR, the best Drone of the year, you must go with this Drone to experience the same. The Drone is out to compete with the drones like Parrot Anafi, Hubsan ZINO. The new Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE features the 4K camera on a full three axis gimbal. With the variety of the intelligent GPS flight modes, fimi drone makes itself the best competitor of MAVIC AIR. The FIMI X8 is the second Drone from the company after the FIMI A3 which costs $265.

Best drones of 2019

You will have to use your smartphone to operate the Drone. The portable light design of the Drone and the long lasting battery will help you target to the place you like. The foldable design will also help you to carry the Drone to any place. Along with this you get the GPS location tracking to track the Drone on the map.


5. RYZE Tello:

The cheapest RYZE Tello stands on 5th on our list of best drones of 2019. Generally saying, the drones which are less than $100 are not worth it and aren’t worth your time and money. These types of drones don’t provide you the quality features or advanced features. And they are squirrely as hell in air.

But you need to know the RYLE Tello is different than all. Despite the price of the RYZE Tello is around $100, it comes with the high end features. In the Drone you will find the 14-core Intel vision processing chip, flight stabilisation from DJI. Along with this you get 5MP camera to shoot the 720p HD videos. The battery of the DJI RYZE Tello will give you 13 minutes of fly time. We know DJI provides the controllers with its drones, but this one will not come with one. So you will have to fly the Drone with the joysticks on the smartphone.

Conclusion for Best drones of 2019:

The models of the drones listed above are the best solid models. The drones offer the good stability in the flight. In our list of Best drones of 2019, all the drones come with the great camera quality which is also suitable for filmmakers and the professional photographers. All the drones are ready to fly, so you can fly them by just getting out of the box. For most of the drones you will get the inbuilt android tabs to view the drone camera. But for others, you will have to use your Android or IOS phone to view the camera feed.

Some of the drones come with safety features like return home. So with this feature, the Drone comes back to the controller or the place it started. The Drone uses the GPS function for it also if the battery goes down the Drone comes back to you.

To get started with any of the done above, you first need to check the FAA guidelines. In these guidelines, you will get the details of the flying zone. You cannot fly the Drone near the airports and in the public areas. Most of the drones are automatically set up to follow these guidelines.

So, this is our list of best drones of 2019, and you can choose the best one which suits you for your work.


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