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Balance Smart Body Fat Scale

To keep fit, training is not enough. It is also important to control your weight and several other parameters (for example, the percentage of fat and water, the mass of muscles in the body). Smart scales cope with this task. Keep reading this article and find out the useful specifications about Xiaomi Smart Yunmai Mini 2 Body Scale with Wi-Fi, which has 28% discount off.

Yunmai-Mini 2Thanks to Wi-Fi scales it will be able to transfer data to the application via the Internet. At the same time, the scales also support synchronization with a smartphone using Bluetooth. Yunmai Mini 2 with Wi-Fi is powered by 5 AA batteries, which should last for 150 days of battery life. The dimensions of the scales are 260 × 260 × 26 mm. Scales can remember up to 16 users, separately collecting information about the health status of each family member. The number of monitored parameters increased from 14 to 17. Scales are able to track indicators such as: body mass index, the ratio of fat and muscle mass, metabolic rate, level of hydration, and so on.

Design and Appearance of YUNMAI Mini 2 Scale from Xiaomi

The scales look stylish, the upper panel is glass with anti-slip coating, the contact pads are made of high-quality stainless steel, the body is made of plastic. The LED display is located under the top panel and is invisible when turned off. At the bottom of the case is a compartment for three batteries and legs with rubber inserts. In fact, the batteries should have been included, but because of delivery problems, they were laid out. The manufacturer promises up to a year of work from one set of batteries.

Yunmai Mini 2All indicators, except for weight, are measured by the technology of bioelectrical analysis of body resistance ( bio impedance ) in different parts of the human body. High accuracy of the Yunmai Mini 2 is provided by four-touch technology. In addition to bioelectrical analysis technology, the BIA chip is used for calculations.

  • Body mass percentage as a percentage:
    Bone mass, muscle tissue, fat, visceral fat and water as a percentage.
  • Body mass index: 
    A value that makes it possible to assess the degree to which a person’s mass and height correspond, and thus indirectly, to assess whether the mass is insufficient, normal or excessive. Important in determining indications for the need for treatment.
  • Body Fat
    Content : The level of fat in the body.
  • Bone mass in the body: Bone mass is a collection of organic substances in the human body, such as calcium, magnesium or zinc, and gives an idea of ??the weight of bones in the body.
  • Water content in the body: The water content in the human body gives an idea not only about its general condition, but also allows one to judge its biological age.
  • The value of the basal metabolism (BMR): Basal metabolism is the minimum amount of energy needed by the body to ensure effective work of the respiratory, circulatory, nervous systems, liver, kidneys and other organs. The higher the BMR, the more calories are burned in the process of increasing muscle mass, which allows to reduce the level of fat in the body.
  • Visceral fat content in the body: Visceral fat is the natural fatty tissue in the human body that accumulates in the abdominal region, from the inside. It is a natural shock compensator that protects vital organs and supports them in the right position. No wonder its name in Latin sounds like “insides” (viscera). An overabundance leads to a decrease in insulin sensitivity and increases the risk of diabetes.
  • Your physical age: The physical age of a person’s body is different from external aging.
  • Protein / protein content: Like other biological macromolecules (polysaccharides, lipids and nucleic acids), proteins are essential components of all living organisms and play an important role in cell activity. Proteins carry out metabolic processes.

Yunmai Mini 2Application

Now about the main feature of Yunmai Mini 2 – connecting to the application using Bluetooth 4.0. As with the iHealth tonometer, all measurement results are displayed through the proprietary application. When you first start the application Yunmai prompts you to choose gender, age and height. Yunmai Mini 2 smart scales can be connected to sync with Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Health and Google Fit apps.

The Advantages of Yunmai Mini 2

– high weighing accuracy (for household scales)
– many measured parameters
– rich application functionality

Unit measurements: kilograms

Yunmai MiniConclusion

I am very pleased with the Yunmai Mini 2  scale, all my expectations were fully met. It is easy and simple to use, the application allows you to keep statistics and track the dynamics of increase / decrease in weight. It is very well motivated to take yourself in hand and start to engage in yourself … I highly recommend to purchase Yunmai Mini 2 scale at $29.99 price.


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