[Best Deal] DJI Spark Mini RC Selfie Drone for just $435 [Coupon]

DJI Spark at the best price online, This drone has the latest DJI technology. Like the corporal recognition to be able to control it with the hands of the more Jedi style. You can find it at the minimum market price with the discount coupon below.

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It can be an alternative to the DJI Mavic PRO or DJI Phantom 4 if what you prefer is a more portable drone and not something so professional.

DJI Spark

If you were looking for an offer to buy the cheap DJI Spark, Here is your chance to have it at the best historical minimum price and with free shipping.

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The new objective of DJI is not to set a new record in autonomy, maximum speed or video transmission. The center of your target goes right in the opposite direction: unite everything you have achieved with products like the Phantoms in a smaller, economical, accessible and manageable package. The result of that bet is the DJI Spark.

DJI Spark

In this flight mode, DJI’s new drone shows agility and dynamism superior to his brothers. The reduced size and weight of the Spark make it respond more effectively and is extremely fun to fly. Of course: you have to be extremely careful with the environment in which this mode is used because any obstacle that appears in its path will not be detected by its sensors.

When conditions are ideal and neither wind nor light influences the sensors and the Spark’s camera, gesture control works surprisingly well. With the palm of your hand you can direct the drone in any direction, and with the use of both palms you can make it move away, get closer or take a picture. To make it take off, just press the power button twice and wait for it to detect our face; To make it land, place the palm of your hand under the Spark and it will automatically begin to descend on your hand. That’s right: correctly interpreting the indications issued by lights and the different gestures that recognize require some prior learning.

DJI Spark

In addition to gesture control and standard control, Spark offers users four extra flight modes:

  • QuickShot. This mode makes the drone operate autonomously and record incredible planes of any subject. We can make it take off and ascend accurately with a rocket ; that it retreats and ascends in altitude progressively with the drone option; It rotates in circles on a subject with the circle mode, or draw a spiral on a starting point with the helix mode.
  • TapFly. Through a simple touch on the screen, the Spark will go to the point that we select in the image independently. Nothing to push a joystick in the desired direction. If you want it to go to a tower, just touch it on the screen and it goes automatically.
  • Follow-Up. Very useful to follow a subject autonomously. On the screen, draw a square that covers the subject you want to follow and the Spark will do so as soon as it starts to move. Of course, the speed at which this subject moves cannot exceed the drone’s displacement or will end up losing sight of him.
  • Tripod Extremely useful to approach certain objects. In this mode, the speed is reduced and the accuracy of the obstacle detection increases.

The maximum speed without the Sports mode is limited to only 10.8km / h.

The Spark takes longer to detect obstacles than its older brothers. To counteract this inferior performance, DJI has limited the maximum speed of the drone, so that the pilot can stop his maneuver in time in case of detecting an obstacle.

DJI Spark

The Spark camera has also suffered some cuts compared to its predecessors. The stabilizer is “only” two axes – something that probably influences the effectiveness of gesture recognition – while Mavic Pro and Phantom 4 mount three-axis stabilizers. Of course, the gimbal is more resistant and the photographic sensor is exactly the same as his older brothers.

The quality of the camera is somewhat inferior to the Mavic Pro in both sharpness and dynamic range and measurements. However, Spark colors are usually more natural than Mavic Pro, which tends to enhance them to achieve a more striking result.

DJI Spark

Overall the DJI Spark is a Great deal at this price, The number of features it offers is enormous and the best part is You can carry it anywhere due to its portability. DJI Spark is available at $435 on Gearbest using our link and coupon code. This is definitely a must buy Product if you haven’t happened to own any drone yet.


SparkMS45 (Use This Coupon Code for Huge Discount, Only applicable via our Link below)


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