Dr. Fone – Best Data Recovery Tool For Your Smartphone

There are lots of great things about Smartphone’s, Weather you are an Android or iOS user you pretty much get the same functionality, but both the platforms have one drawback that deleted data is very difficult to get back.

It’s all too easy to accidentally delete information from your device simply by touching the screen in a wrong way.

And that’s exactly why today I am going to show you a very useful tool known as Dr. Fone which will help you recover your lost files. Not only it is for accidentally deleted files, but it can also be used for data back-up and restore, Data extraction, Data eraser, screen recorder and more.

So, let’s see how it works.

Dr. Fone – Best Data Recovery Tool For Your Smartphone

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Getting back to Dr. Fone the software is capable of recovering files such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files, documents, WhatsApp history, and call history as well. Now there are time when you are scrolling through your photos or contacts and you accidently deleted some of your sensitive data and now you want them back. So, don’t panic, by using Dr. Fone you can easily recovery all your deleted files.


It seems, that the data deleted gets replaced by newer data if you continue using the device, so it is better to stop using it knowing that some data has disappeared and you want to recover it.


Steps Involved in Recovering Data:

  • The very first thing that you have to do is to Enable the USB debugging of your device from which you want to recover the data. In order to do that first you have to enable the developers option, just to go to Settings->About Phone->Build Number and tap on it 7 times. This enables the Developer Options. Now go to Developer Options and scroll down here you will find an option which says Android Debugging or USB debugging just enable that and you are good to go.

  • After that you have to download the Dr. Fone toolkit from the official website. Now Dr. Fone is supported for both platforms Android as well as iOS.
  • So, this is the basic layout of the Dr. Fone. Here you not only get the Data Recovery feature but you also get options such as Data backup and restore, Data extraction, Data eraser and many more.

  • Now connect the smartphone to the computer via USB cable in which the Dr. Fone for Android is installed.

  • After that click on the Data Recovery option and now it will start installing drivers to your Android in order to establish a proper connection. During this stage, it will also ask you to allow USB debugging permissions on your device.
  • Now once that is done it will show the status as connected and now you will get the option to recover different types of files. You can choose from different options such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, audio files, documents, WhatsApp history, etc.

  • Now once you have selected the type of data that you want to recover just click next and select Scan for deleted file. Now during the recovering process, it will automatically root the device and once the file is recovered it will automatically unroot your device meaning it will not void your warranty.

  • Now it will start analysing your device for the missing files, While the file recovery is going on, you don’t need to wait until the scan completes because the preview is available always. Also, while the scan is ON, you can pause it or stop it, if you find the file you wanted to recover.

  • Once you have the file that you want to recover just select that file and click recover, this will ask you to select a location where you want the recovered files to be save and that’s it.

Now you have successfully recovered file that you may have accidently deleted.

Dr. Fone for Android does work as advertised and requires minimal effort on your part if your device is supported by Wonder Share’s Dr. Fone for Android. I don’t blame Wonder share for not being able to support every Android device and software version as there are literally thousands and thousands of versions out there. But that does mean there is a good chance that if your device is current, it probably isn’t supported by Wondershare yet. If you’re technical guy you can root your device and Dr. Fone for Android will work just fine.

There is a free trial version you can test before paying for the full license fee of $49.95 which is a lifetime license and supports 1-5 devices. Wondershare is continually adding more devices and software versions with free updates, so your money will go a long way with a lifetime license.





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