Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2015 – Tablet Suggestions

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Santa is checking his lists twice to see if you’re nice, and this year you better be extra nice, because you might be asking him to go to China for your tech fix. The undeniable rise in popularity of tablets coming out of China has been apparent no more than in 2015, mostly due to solid specs at impressively low prices. After being held hostage by the high prices of the big brands, we say it’s about time we got to enjoy the best from China’s brightest. We’ve taken a look at what tablets are available at each price point to help you pick your large screened stocking stuffers. Let’s hope those reindeer have been working on their endurance, because it looks like they’ll be making more than a few trips from China for Christmas 2015. So without further ado, here are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2015 – Tablet Suggestions.

Sub €100


Chuwi Hi8
Looking not too dissimilar to an iPad Mini, the Chuwi Hi8 packs a frankly impressive bunch of specs into a good looking package at a very low cost. Featuring a quad-core processor and a decent 2GB of RAM, the Hi8 packs an unbelievable –for-the-price point 1920×1200 resolution screen. The crowning glory of the Hi8 however, is its dual booting capabilities between the brand new Windows 10 and Android’s most widely used platform, 4.4 KitKat. Attach a keyboard and mouse to this bad boy, and you’ve got a fully functioning PC. Or flick it over to Android at the flick of your finger for traditional tablet goodness. Either way, you can’t go wrong.  Buy Chuwi Hi8 from $88.99!

Onda V820W
Again taking cues from the svelte iPad Mini, the Onda V820W riffs a bit differently do the Chuwi Hi8, and may suit you better, depending on your needs. This 8 inch tablet sports a 1280 by 800 pixel IPS display for crisp and true to life colours, and it’s flanked by stereo speakers to really let the sound hit home. The V820W also has the party trick of flicking between Windows and Android; this time its Windows 8.1 paired with Android 4.4 KitKat. And if you’re a storage nut, the V820W has TF card support for up to 128GB, for which the card is sold separately. A very good looking device with more than respectable specs at a great entry level price, the Onda V820W is so affordable you could even get it as a gift for a loved one.  Buy the Onda V820W from just $83.99!

Sub €200


Cube Talk 9x
Buckle up sports fans, because this tablet packs some huge pound for pound punch. Boasting the first implementation of the beastly MediaTek 8-core MTK8392 CPU, this iPad Air lookalike should scream through its work. That chipset boasts AnTuTu benchmark scores of 40,000, which in layman’s terms, is pretty darned fast. A whopping 9.7 inch screen with a gorgeous 2048 by 1536 IPS display should punch through the screen and make you take notice, and the specs keep impressing with a huge 10,000mAh battery which should provide you with hours of screen on time. Stereo speakers complement the screen to bring the action to life, and the Cube Talk 9x has all of the usual sensors and gizmos to complement the experience whether it be gaming or video. Finally for the lens lovers, there is a solid 2.0MP selfie shooter up front and a respectable 8.0MP camera on the back. All in all, the Cube Talk 9x should definitely be a consideration this Christmas. It won’t break the bank, and it bring plenty to the table, even by 2015 standards.

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Teclast X98 Air 3
Yet another handsome device, the Air 3 features beautiful chamfered metal edges that give it a premium feel in the hand. This device definitely has the feel of luxury at a much lower price than you would expect. A delightfully crisp 2048 by 1536 IPS display is the main attraction here, with stereo speakers sucking you into the action through left and right channels. There is a very solid quad-core CPU pumping out the fun, and it features 2GB of RAM to keep things humming along smoothly. The Air 3 also brings Android 5.0 Lollipop to the table, so you’ll be spoiled with features normally reserved for devices twice (and even triple) the price. It’ll also take you into the future with Over The Air support, meaning you’ll be able to upgrade to future versions of Android. This is one good looking device that feels great in the hand, and will last a long time software-wide, so definitely put it on your list of potentials.  Buy the Teclast x98 Air III from just $136.49!

Over €200


Teclast X98 Pro
Here comes the Big Poppa! The Teclast X98 Pro is a monster, featuring PC level performance in a tight, taught package reminiscent of an iPad Air. This is thing needs to be seen (and played with) to be believed. Just check out these specs, all for a just a smidge over €200. First up it seamlessly transitions between Windows 10 and Android 5.1 Lollipop. Those are the two latest versions of the respective operating systems (bar just two Google flagships as of the time of writing), so you will get every latest feature and brainwave to come from the powerhouses of Microsoft and Google. You’ll even get not one, but two personal assistants serving your every whim; they come in the form of Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Google Now. Once you have these little helpers in your life, you really won’t know how you lived without them. Powering these slick operating systems is Cherry Trail T4 Z8500 Quad Core processor from global chipset leader Intel. The Cherry Trail chipset is a 14nm processor, so it uses much less power than traditional processors, meaning great speed and great battery life. With an absolutely whopping 4GB of RAM, you will not skip a beat, even when throwing the most demanding of tasks at it. It even features 64GB of cutting edge eMMC memory, which is super-fast and super-slick. You can even add another 64GB of storage with a TF card, which is sold separately. Laptop specs at mid-range tablet prices, the Teclast X98 Pro is well worth your consideration.  Buy the Teclast x98 Pro from just $231.29!



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