Smart Deals for New YouTube Creators

Are you going to start your new YouTube channel? Are you confused which gear you need to use to have a perfect visual effect as well as a perfect audio effect? Well in this article I have described about the gears who are new comers in YouTube. I have listed some budget category devices, which will be your pocket friendly.


A good camera is required for a YouTube channel. The camera must come in good budget and have multi functionality in videography. It must have multiple focus points and sensor to focus on your face. A good camera will give you a perfect picture quality.

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In the market for videography, you may find many brands. But for low budget you can go for Nikon or Canon. Nikon is good for photography, whereas Canon is good for videography.

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On my suggestion you should go for the Canon brand. As a budget comes to mind, if you have very low budget then you can look for Canon 200D DSLR camera. If you have medium budget you can buy Canon 77D DSLR camera. Canon 77D has optical video stabilization and it has 40 focus points. You can take more than 600 pictures with single charge.


Without perfect light, the camera won’t able to capture good quality video. You may have good DSLR camera, but without sufficient light, it may deliver you dull quality video. So you can look for a cheap light set for a starting your YouTube channel.


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A microphone is always necessary to have audio input. You should have a microphone which can offer you noiseless audio input. Boya by M1 is a perfect microphone for a YouTube creator. It is movable as well it is available in very less price.

Camera Tripod Stand

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You should have a tripod stand which will be light weight and sturdy. Bosch BT150 tripod stand will be a great option for you.

These are the gears which can be useful for a new YouTube creator. On the next article I will describe of the gears for new vloggers.


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