What Does Blu Phone Stand for?

Low-cost phones that are a combination of contemporary design and great functionality is what you get when you buy a Blu phone. BLU which stands for Bold Like Us (BLU) is a range of Android smartphones and featured phones manufactured in the US. The mobile phones were launched in 2010 and have become a favorite of many consumers in the US and its environs. Additionally, the mobile phone provider has a wide range of products that it has manufactured over the years, making it a leader in the industry locally and across the globe.  

Blu Phones

Benefits of buying BLU Phones  

The popularity of BLU phones has risen over the years with many smartphone users using them as their primary handset. The mobile phones are a favorite of both young and older people because of the various benefits associated with them. Some of these benefits are listed below.  


If you are looking for a great phone at an affordable cost, then Blu Phones are your best choice. The phones are sold at reasonable prices regardless of the model making them worth checking out when shopping for a smartphone. Luckily, the low cost does not compromise on the features they offer users using the newest or oldest model available. To get the best price, ensure that you visit some of the sites selling Blu phones and compare prices before settling on the most suitable one.  

Variety of designs 

Blu Android phones are available in various “series” which often include many models that are either low end or high-end devices. The phones have unique designs and features that make them stand out from each other thus giving you a chance to choose the best one for you. Majority of the smartphones under the BLU brand serve up stylish features and great specifications to buyers. It does not matter whether you are looking for a small or big; thin or medium sized phone, you will get it within the BLU phone range. 

Great Android experience  

Blu Phones offer a unique experience to users that purchase any of the smartphones within their range of products. When compared to android phones within the same category, these phones surpass them all in regards to the experience they offer. From the design, performance and even cost, BLU phones take the lead in the industry making them worth the investment. Additionally, the phones are considered to have the best performance rates in their category and a great price to go with it.  

Top 5 Blu Phones 

If you are interested in buying the best Blu phone in the market, you are in luck because there are quite a number that you can choose from. The android phones are available in a variety of sizes and designs making them a perfect choice for anyone looking for a cheap yet high performing smartphone. Some of the Blu phones that are considered to be the best gadgets by BLU are highlighted below.  

1. BLU Studio Mega 2018 

The Studio Mega 2018 is one of the latest models unveiled by BLU as part of its phone range. It was launched in October 2018 and has many unique features that make it stand out from the rest. It is lightweight and has a sleek design that is easy to grasp in one hand. The Mega 2018 has a large storage capacity making it ideal for users that like to store photos and videos on their handsets. Additionally, the performance of the smartphone is always good regardless of the number of activities being done using the handset. 

BLU Studio Mega 2018

2. BLU Vivo XL4 

The Vivo XL4 is in between a phone and a tablet and is often referred to as a “phablet” because of its appearance. The phone has a 6.2-inch display which is ideal for browsing through photos and watching movies when taking a break from work or other daily activities. It has a dual camera at the front and rear which are thirteen and two megapixels respectively. Its price is also reasonable when compared to the features it offers those that purchase it.  

Blu Vivo XL4

3. BLU Vivo 8L 

If you are looking for a smartphone that can take high-quality selfies, then the Vivo 8L is the best choice for you. The Blu phone has a 5.3-inch display that captures all aspects of your face resulting in the perfect selfie, is the best phone for selfie lovers. The selfie camera has a twenty-megapixel flash which places it among the best smartphones in its category locally and internationally. Additionally, its 1.3GHz processor ensures that it is working at the optimum at all times thereby reducing chances of it shutting down when in use.  Also, it is sold at an affordable rate both at online and physical stores making it a “must have” for selfie enthusiasts. 

Blu Vivo 8L

4. BLU Vivo 1 

The Vivo 1 smartphone offers the best value to consumers because of the unique features it offers users. The mobile phone is a combination of quality hardware and unique design which makes it one of the favorites in its category. Its five-inch display gives users an opportunity to view images and videos clearly and in their full form without having to squint at the screen. Also, its high performing processor ensures that it is working as required regardless of how many hours it has been in use.  

BLU Vivo 1 

5. BLU Studio Energy 2 

Battery running low is a thing of the past when you invest in a Studio Energy 2 Blu smartphone. The phone does not need extra battery packs to function and often goes up to fifty hours of talk time before needing a recharge. The Energy 2 model also has a unique appearance that makes it pleasant to the eye and worth buying for those looking for similar features on their preferred handset.  

BLU Studio Energy 2 

Overall, BLU phones have taken over the low-cost, high-quality smartphone space in the mobile industry in the US and beyond, and are likely to set the trendfor many years to come.  

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