What Apps Are Most Helpful For Students 

People believe that education is the key to success in life. Fortunately, the technology evolves and so the way of studying. Today’s schooling is way better through using the best apps for students allowing them to adapt lessons and school projects right at their fingertips easily

There are numerous apps that students can easily get access with; these apps help them combat intellectual challenges, manage time and study efficiently. However, with all those apps and tools available to take advantage of, there are certain godsends in your devices/apps stores that helps everything you do quick and effortless.

Best Apps for Students That Helps 

Some survey says that according to students, common issues they’ve encountered is dealing with a research paper for college. Individual normally get panicked when essay writing deadline gets closer; some try to get your research paper online while others still no idea where. 

Here are our compilations of apps that not only get research paper for college done but will allow students to become a tech-savvy this school year. 


Evernote is a great app for students, a digital notebook wherein you can save almost everything. You can do different types of note-taking from class assignments, meetings, reminders, project deliverable, research paper deadlines, and many others. Moreover, Evernote provides ready-made templates, clipper, audio recordings, and Evernote’s camera to take snapshots on the whiteboard. Moreover, Evernote provides ready-made templates, clipper, audio recordings, and Evernote’s camera to take snapshots on the whiteboard.

Evernote - Most Helpful Apps For Students

 Evernote apps come with three different plans from basic, premium, and business. Naturally, premium plans provide great features but, don’t worry; eligible students can get 50% off.


Going back to school literally involves reading and one app for students that can provide, audio books, news, articles, documents, Ebooks (and more) is Scribd. It is a digital library that allows you to access complete books in decent quality. Great resources for students who want to stay informed and knowledgeable towards a certain class. However, you need to acquire Scribd subscription which costs you a dollar or more to be able to have unlimited access.

Scribid - Most Helpful Apps For Students


Students can rely on Wunderlist for their time management skills. You can easily access this app on mobile devices, on Mac OS X or the Web. You can set a reminder for a task, share it with someone else, and utilize many other magical features. Wunderlist has a simple interface yet behind that simple UI, is quite a bit of power that renders a great user experience. Wunderlist app is free, but there’s a pro version if you want to take advantage of all its offer.


Wunderlist app is free, but there’s a pro version if you want to take advantage of all its offer. 

myHomework Student Planner 

myHomework is perfect for students who are busy with its curriculum activities and other responsibilities. It is the best platform to keep you organized and on track of class schedules, homework, test, projects, teacher’s announcement (etc.) in a single place. In addition, this app is also a great tool to share your download files, research paper, notes and more. It is somewhat a one-stop solution for your plans and homework.

myHomework Student Planner - Most Helpful Apps For Students


GoConqr is the best app for college students; it provides an innovative blend of learning applications and great features that help nurture user’s interest in learning. It is designed to meet every student’s (and many other professionals) specific needs and promotes study materials such as Notes, Slides, Mind Maps, Flashcards, Flowcharts that help you complete your course. Some students take advantage of its free access, but GoConqr comes with flexible pricing plans to choose from.

GoConqr - Most Helpful Apps For Students


Mathway is a powerful app for students. It allows you to input a math problem and solve it with step by step direction. This app has the ability to analyze mathematics questions with detailed solutions. Great tools to understand math problems from pre-algebra to college calculus.

mathway - Most Helpful Apps For Students

Nonetheless, to be able to utilize its increasing features and functionality, you need to get a subscription, which costs around $99.99 a year or $19.99 for a month.


There are many students claimed as satisfied users of StudyBlue. This app provides over 400 million flashcards, study guides, and notes materials, which you can share with others. It also allows you to track progress, set reminders, and make custom quizzes. Just like any other app for students, StudyBlue aims to help you study anywhere, learn faster and secure a brighter future ahead.



Google Drive is considered the most versatile cloud storage services today, an online file cabinet wherein you can store digital files and documents. This is the best tools for students for any kind of essay writings, assignments, test, quizzes and many others. Google drive offers a lot of features but what attracts users most is the fact that it is free, unlike other applications.

With the help of these apps, you will be having a lot of free time and eventually be more productive. Now, grab any of these offers and be among those who aced in some universities.

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