Best AirPods replicas 2019! (Best Of The Best)

The market for the best replicas of AirPods 2019 was filled! For this reason, today we will focus on knowing each one of them so that in this way you will be the ones who judge which meets your requirements, there are many who have managed to captivate us, an example of this would be the  i10 TWS Mini Headphones , from who will also comment in this post to expand our knowledge about this type of devices, which are the basis for a new generation announced for 2020 and, would be the first in which we would see a design change beyond the LED indicator charge that They would bring the new versions. So join us to know the headphones of 2019.

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AirPods 2019: i2 TWS Airpods

Named the best clone of  AirPods 2019, since it follows the parameters of equipment such as the i7, i9, i10 and i11, the i12, this being the starting point to improve and expand the features of this version. Although the design is similar, built based on a combination of ABS and metal plus a white tone for your body, it incorporates new features such as the automatic on / off that was missing in the previous models, in addition to improving the stereo in the two plugs for the ears, likewise, we cannot forget that it offers us a  55mAh battery.

AirPods 2019: i12 TWS Airpods


  • Awesome sound quality
  • Almost perfect clone
  • Use the Raychem 5.0 processor
  • Super light and extremely portable


  • When there is no music, a small disturbance is heard
  • Requires 1 hour of charging time

Specification Table

Bluetooth version :: v5.1
Battery duration: 4 hours
Transmission Range: 10m
Chipset: Raychem 5.0
Wait time: 100 hours

AirPods 2019: i12 TWS Airpods

Price: $ 23.67

AirPods 2019: Airpods de i10 TWS

It is already public knowledge that 2020 will be a year full of releases, mainly because there is a renewed version of headphones that have promised to follow this design, being more innovative and attractive to users, in addition to offering cutting-edge features, the rumors of AirPods 2 are surrounded by the possibility of wireless charging and the i10 is one of the AirPod clones in gearbest that is already equipped with the technology. Likewise, it features support touch key, excellent sound quality, call and automatic pairing.

Among its negative points we have the issue that only the right earphone has the microphone connected, which makes the left useless on its own, but if your pocket is tight, this is an excellent option that you can not miss.

AirPods 2019: Airpods de i10 TWS


  • Very good sound quality
  • Made for audio
  • Touch control
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Average battery life

Specification Table

Bluetooth version :: v5.0
Battery duration: 2 to 3 hours
Transmission Range: 10m

AirPods 2019: Airpods de i10 TWS

Price: $19.82

AirPods 2019: i80 TWS

The i80 TWS offers us a series of incredible features that guarantee us hours and hours of excellent sound, in this way we reach this model, which is marketed differently as a moderate duplication that focuses on the audio experience. In addition, it provides an action by voice command to turn on / off, pair or make calls, if that were not enough, it presents a  long-lasting battery that offers 2 to 3 hours of use of a single headset or 1 to 2 Dual headset use hours per charge.

The F10 is a bit focused on sports enthusiasts, being able to offer resistance to both sweat and water.

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AirPods 2019: F10 TWS


  • The pairing time is instantaneous.
  • Great build quality
  • The i80 TWS offers 3 hours of music playback
  • Portable and fits perfectly in your pocket.
  • The design ensures proper placement in your ears.
  • 8-10 days of waiting time.
  • Excellent microphone


  • Non

Specification Table

Bluetooth version :: v5.0
Battery duration: 3 hours of music playback
Transmission Range: 10m
Audio production: Stereo
Wait time: Almost 10 days

AirPods 2019: F10 TWS

Price: $41.64

AirPods 2019: TWS – iXS Airpods

This year the Airpods made it clear to us, offering a variety of great replicas to enjoy our music, calls or audios. For this reason, this list could not miss the TWS – iXS, who has a really amazing loading speed, which allows it to make its way to becoming one of the best clones of the AirPod. Among its attributes are the Bluetooth version : 5.0 with an exceptional connection range of up to 10 meters and a 350 mAh battery.

AirPods 2019: TWS - iXS Airpods


  • The algorithm guarantees low power consumption without sacrificing audio quality
  • Awesome audio quality
  • HD stereo audio production
  • Charge in less than 0.5 hours
  • It comes with DSP noise suppression


  • Mediocre microphone

Specification Table

Bluetooth version :: v5.0
Battery duration: 2 hours of music playback
Transmission Range: 10m

AirPods 2019: TWS - iXS Airpods 2 pieces

Price: $ 26.99

AirPods 2019: i9X TWS

One of the best alternatives to Apple Airpods are the i9X TWS, a device that reaffirms the design of the series with a style that lies in the minimalist and stands out in a white tone, which demonstrates the continuity and dedication put into this product.

AirPods 2019: i9X TWS 

Yes, we have already commented on some improvements in each device, but in our opinion the most complete is this version, since it has an  enviable price / performance ratio, it also supports answering / hanging up / rejecting calls, low battery reminder, repetition of the last one number, voice report, low power off, Chinese and English switching. In addition, it has  IP54 certification  that indicates that it supports splashing water, sweat and even rain for a few minutes without interfering with its operation, and most important of all, it offers  6 to 7 hours of music playback. 

AirPods 2019: i9X TWS IP54 certification


  • Excellent noise reduction
  • The charging dock has a 400mAh battery
  • Charla binaural
  • Excellent build quality


  • Medium microphone

Specification Table

Bluetooth version :: v5.0
Battery duration: 6-7 hours of music
Transmission Range: 10m

AirPods 2019: i9X TWS design

Price: $ 39.64

i8 TWS an affordable option

If it is about economy, here is the solution, the i8 TWS is part of our AirPods 2019 catalog, not only for presenting a similar design, but also because it rejoices to be a low-cost team, dedicated to those who have a budget tight.

AirPods 2019: i8 TWS

Enter your attributions presents us with endless options, which are:

  • Bluetooth compatibility with tablets, notebooks and with all mobile phones.
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Bluetooth distance: 10m
  • Headphone playback duration: 120 minutes / 0.09Wh
  • Frequency: 2402 – 2480MHz
  • Remember the number of the last call, intelligent voice prompts in Chinese and English, boot, pairing.

AirPods 2019: i8 TWS design

Price: $ 11.54

Conclusion: Best AirPods 2019

In short, these are some of the best AirPods imitations that are worth considering. Each with its characteristics, which make them special and able to meet our requirements, where we can position the i12 TWS as the  “Best AirPods 2019”,  but we can also mention the i8 TWS by following the steps very closely. Anyway, we hope this article is worth your time, share your opinions and comments on which of the previous AirPod replicas you want to buy and run now to acquire it.



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