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AirPod Replicas in the truest sense have also flooded the market. With so many of them available, it is quite a chore to find and create a list of the Best AirPods Clones. So today at xiaomitoday we’ve sorted it for you by compiling the Top 5 Best Airpod Clones 2019 that are Worth Buying.

Looking for the Best Cheap Airpod Alternatives? The one’s that won’t cost you much but will sound amazing?

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Our Picks: Best AirPods Replicas 2019

i1000 TWS AirPods: The Latest & the Best Airpods 2 Clone!

Photo Credits: Custom Adventurist

The i1000 TWS is one of the Best Airpods 2 clones out there. Although, this is an older model it is still amazing. The EarBuds looks like a replica of Apple Airpods 2 and the case quality is good. It is not as heavy as the Apple AirPods 2 case but in comparison, this closely resembles it. You also get great audio quality with better bass and the noise reduction is more refined. Call quality is good too and your voice is audible even in a noisy environment.

Connectivity is great as well with Bluetooth 5.0 and with the pop-up animation, pairing is very easy. It indicates the battery status of not just each EarBud separately but the case as well. Even though it has a lot of spectacular features, the great quality case and amazing audio quality makes the i1000 TWS the top choice.

The sound quality is undeniably brilliant!

The Good:

  • 99% perfect replica
  • Amazing battery life
  • Wireless charging facility
  • Call quality is great
  • Outstanding build quality of the case
  • Spectacular audio quality

The Bad:

  • Battery life could be improved


Music Time: 3-3.5 hours of Playback</
Waterproof: Yes
Battery Life(With Case): 20 hours
Touch Control: Yes
Wireless Charging: Yes
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Price: $29.99 (FLASH SALE)

i2000 TWS AirPods: The Next Best Clone Available

The i2000 TWS Airpods would be the second-best option. There are so many improvements in it compared to the previous generations. The first thing is that it comes with an amazing battery life providing up to 3.5 to 4 hours of playback time. You get a longer playback time with the case which you can charge wirelessly just like in the previous generations.

It doesn’t just replicate the design of the EarBuds but it also has the same pop-up animation just like in the Airpods Series. There is great connectivity as well and you can control the EarBuds by just tapping. Audio quality is good with noise reduction which eliminates background noise making it useful in situations when you want to have an immersive experience.

The All Black version of the i2000 TWS looks beautiful!

The Good:

  • Amazing battery life
  • Very lightweight
  • Touch control

The Bad:

  • The quality of the case could be better
  • Call quality is not so great


Music Time: 3.5-4 hours
Touch Control: Yes
Wireless Charging: Yes
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Regular i2000 TWS Price: $27.99 (FLASH SALE)

All Black i2000 Price: $27.99 (FLASH SALE)

i500 TWS AirPods: Stunningly Good AirPods 2 Alternative!

The i500 TWS is a great alternative to Airpods 2. It has almost all the features that are present in Apple Airpods 2. The most significant aspect of the i500 TWS Airpods is the design. The i500 TWS has the same in-ear design, size, and structure as the original AirPods 2. The case is very similar to the Airpods 2 case with a similar design that weighs the same. Usually, the audio quality isn’t great with these designs, especially with clones but the i500 TWS has proved us wrong.

The i500 TWS is definetly the most stablest AirPods clone till date. With splendid battery life.

The design of the i500 TWS AirPods Clone is so extraordinary that it fits flawlessly into the original Airpods case itself. With Bluetooth V.5, the connectivity is excellent and very similar to the Airpods 2. The audio quality is crisp and clear, providing 4 hours of playback time. It offers 6 hours of talk time with a severe improvement in the call quality when compared to its predecessors.

The Good:

  • Wireless charging
  • Touch Control
  • Great audio quality

The Bad:

  • Charging time is very long

i500 TWS AirPods Specs

Bluetooth Distance: 800-1100 sq.ft
Battery Life: 4-4.5 hours of Playback
Standby Time: 100 hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Price: $24.99 (FLASH SALE)

i200 TWS AirPods: Affordable Airpods 2

The i200 TWS has made significant improvements compared to the previous models. It even comes with many features similar to the original Airpods 2. From the LED lights present in the charging case to the pop-up animation. You can use the EarPods either together or separately as well. It is lightweight and supports wireless charging. The in-ear sensor plays music once the EarPods are in your ears and stays pause when you take it out. The built-in H2 chip provides better connectivity allowing you to pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

The i200 TWS AirPods is the best clone that money can get!

A pop-up animation similar to Airpods 2 shows you the battery level of each EarPod separately. It comes with a fantastic CVC Noise- Reduction technology supporting noise isolation and offers around 2-3 hours of playback time. With magnificent design and amazing features, the i200 TWS is a good pick. It comes at an excellent price for all the features it provides.

The Good:

  • Supports wireless charging
  • In-ear sensor
  • Pop-up animation
  • Noise isolation
  • Lightweight and portable

The Bad:

  • Average battery life

i200 TWS Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Distance: 10-12 meters
Music Time: 2-3 hours
Standby Time: 100 hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Price: $18.99 (FLASH SALE)

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i100 TWS AirPods: Brilliant Audio!

The i100 TWS AirPods Clone has been the best clone for a very long time and in fact still got everything to stay in the competition. The i100 TWS AirPods Clone carries the same design aesthetics and ergonomics as the Original Apple Airpods. The best part is that it doesn’t stop there. Even they offers the same level of Audio Quality as the Original AirPods.

Photo Credits: HappyRiders [yT]

It has amazing build quality and replicates the Apple AirPods precisely. There is definitely no way you can ever find that it is a replica with just touch or looks. There are three major improvements over the i90 TWS, i60 TWS and the i30 TWS. The i100 TWS comes with better connectivity range(150 Foot), better audio quality and almost 2.5 hours of music playback. Also this time around you can see the battery level of both the AirPods and the charging bin separately on the popup animation.

The Good:

  • Exact Pairing Method as the Original AirPods
  • Wireless charging
  • No Chinese voice while connecting
  • Supports any device with Bluetooth Internals
  • 99% Perfect Replica
  • Better Bluetooth Range
  • Outstanding Battery Life

The Bad:

  • Sometimes the volume hiked and return back to the normal state
  • The fit is not great


Bluetooth Distance: 150 Foot
Waterproof: YES
Battery Life: 4 Hours of Play Back
Touch Control: YES
Wireless Charging: YES
Stand-By time: 100 Hour
Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

Price: $19.99 (FLASH SALE)

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i60 TWS Airpods Clone: A Better AirPods Clone!

An update to the i30 TWS, the i60 TWS AirPods is a better version and a good TWS Bluetooth Earphone. Even then, the one question that arises is that is it a worthy enough upgrade from the i30 TWS AirPods. In the mess of so many AirPod Replicas it has definetly become super hard to choose the Best AirPods Clone. Considering the price and the offerings of this device, it is highly unlikely to get a better choice than the i60 TWS.

The i60 has wireless charging and the syncing to the device is made even easier with no power button. With the help of the latest H1 Chipset and some machine algorithms, the user experience on the i60 TWS has been mastered to the level of the Original Apple AirPods. Popping the case open will turn on the device. Apart from this, the rest of the features are pretty much intriguing like the 3 hours of music playback and its amazing noise cancelling technology. One noticeable fallout is the clarity of the mic isn’t as good as the i30 TWS. Even then the i60 is a great clone of the AirPods and possibly the Best AirPods Alternative, at-least for now!

The Good:

  • Quick connection to the device
  • Wireless charging facility
  • Smooth experience for the users

The Bad:

  • Features almost similar to predecessor


Bluetooth Distance: 10-12 metres
Music Time: 2-3H
Standby: 60 hours
Bluetooth: V5.0

Price: $21.99 (FLASH SALE)

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i30 TWS Airpods Clone: Almost Perfect AirPods Clone!

From the makers of the i20 TWS earphones, the i30 is an improvement which mainly caters to fixing the ratio of the clone to the AirPod in terms of size. Apart from that, the i30 also improves on features like bass and mic quality. It could’ve been a tie between the i30 TWS and the i60 TWS if it wasn’t for the audio quality. The Audio Quality is so much better on the i60 TWS when compared to the i30 AirPods. But when it comes to battery life, the i30 TWS AirPods Clone is a rock star. The i30 houses a 400mAh battery in the pod, while the i60 hosts just a 350mAh.

One of the other improvements from the i20 that may seem minor but has a major impact is the LED light with only 2 colors. This eliminates confusion with different colours for different tasks. The i30 clocks in 4 hours of battery life, with just an hour behind the AirPods

The i30 TWS has a Rockstar Battery Life!

The Good:

  • Comfortable Design
  • Great battery life
  • Beautiful Bass output

The Bad:

  • Gestures take a while to get used to


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres
Music Time: 3-4 hours
Standby: 100 hours
Battery: Each Earbud has 50mah battery and the charging cabin 400mah
Bluetooth: V5.0

Price: $28.99 (FLASH SALE)

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i12 TWS Airpods Clone: A Worthy Consideration!

i12 TWS Airpods is one knockoff that has earned the title of the Best AirPod clone. Learning from the flaws of previous devices like i7, i9, i10 and i11, the i12 has perfected the AirPod clone design in an as cheap and similar manner as possible. From even the LED lights on the charging case to the way the earpods are themselves, cloning the AirPods is something the i12 has tried in one of the best ways possible for a clone. With features like auto on and off which was absent in the previous models, the i12 tries to bring the AirPod design to an average Joe with a budget.

The stereo enhancement present in both the earplugs make it way better than the previous version which had mono stereo enhancement and the microphone was attached to only the right earplug. All these features, price tag and the battery life of the i12 makes it a “Worthy Competitor”.

The Good:

  • Stunning Sound Quality
  • Almost Perfect Clone
  • Uses Raychem 5.0 Processor
  • Super Lightweight and Extremely Portable

The Bad:

  • When no music is playing there is a small disturbance heard
  • Requires 1 Hour of charging Time

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.1
Battery Life: 4 hours
Transmission Range: 10m
Chipset: Raychem 5.0
Stand-By Time: 100 Hours

Price: $16.99 (Super Deal)

i10 TWS Airpods Replica: The Perfect Airpods 2 Clone!

At a time when rumors of the AirPods 2 are surrounded with possibilities of wireless charging, the i10 is one of the AirPod clones on gearbest which is already equipped with the technology. The case of the i10 can be wireless charged. The i10 falls short on the issue that only the right earplug has the microphone attached to it, rendering the left one useless on its own. Other than that, the i10 is another AirPod clone which earns its place on this Top AirPods clones list.

The i10 TWS Airpods is a function-first product. It vows on the fact to deliver great performance and stays as an excellent performer for the price it is tagged in. If you are looking for an Airpod alternative that delivers great performance at a lesser price then the i10 TWS wireless earbuds are a great choice of Cheap Airpods.

The Good:

  • Really good Sound Quality
  • Made for Audiophiles
  • Touch Control
  • Supports wireless charging

The Bad:

  • Average Battery Life

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.0
Battery Life: 2 to 3 hours
Transmission Range: 10m

Price: $59.82

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F10 TWS: Airpods Clone that won’t disappoint

The F10 TWS Airpods Relica is on a different scale from the other AirPod replicas on this list as it is the sole entry which does not belong to the manufacturer of the i12 and other models in the same series. This is a device which markets itself differently with the level of bass delivered. While most other AirPod clones focus on replicating the design and providing a top-notch experience, the F10 keeps a moderate replication and then dedicating workmanship on to the audio experience.

The F10 is also a tad focused towards sports enthusiasts. Offering sweat and water resistance, the F10 tries to appeal to such customers rather than just resonating with the general public.

The Good:

  • Pairing time is instantaneous
  • Great Build Quality
  • The F10 TWS offers 2 Hours of Music Playback
  • Easily Portable and fits perfectly in your pocket
  • The design ensures proper placement on your ears
  • 8-10 Days of Standby Time

The Bad:

  • The Microphone is average

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v4.2
Battery Life: 2 hours of Music Playback
Transmission Range: 10m
Audio Production: Stereo
Stand-By Time: Almost 10 Days

Price: $35.89

i10s / iXs TWS Airpods: Generous Pricing with Outstanding Audio Quality

While the i10 and the i12 are editions that sell at higher numbers, the i10s also is a worthy addition to this list. The i10s stands out in terms of many underrated specifications.

The i10s has a really good charging speed and the case backs the earplugs in a swift manner without any ado. The i10s also delivers with a quite cultured noise management system. While factors like the bass output, battery life and smooth user experiences are important, the i10s tries to shine with a series of unconventional methods.

The output is that the i10s has wriggled its way into the best AirPod clones on gearbest by quite unconventional methods. Their focus on these overlooked essentials makes them a serious contender in coming times.

The Good:

  • The algorithm Ensures Low power consumption without sacrificing Audio Quality
  • Stunning Audio Quality
  • HD Stereo Audio Production
  • Charges in Lesser than 0.5 Hours
  • Comes with DSP Noise Suppression

The Bad:

  • Average Microphone

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.0
Battery Life: 2 hours of Music Playback
Transmission Range: 10m

Price: $31.06

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i9X TWS Airpods Replica: Generous Pricing with Outstanding Audio Quality

It is only in rare cases that many iterations of a similar product by a single company finds its way into lists of the best 5. Such is the case of the i9, which is surrounded by the i12, i10 and the i10s. This shows the continuity and the dedication put into these products.

The i9x stands out even amidst all these devices and makes its way into the best AirPod clones due to the price to performance ratio which is a great boon on its side. There are other AirPod replicas better than the i9x which don’t have any minute audio-video syncing issues also. Even then the i9x has its simple smooth usability and the basic AirPod requirements making it stick to this list.

6-7 Hours of stunning music playback!

The Good:

  • Excellent Noise Reduction
  • The charging dock bares a 400mAh battery
  • Binaural talk
  • Excellent Build Quality

The Bad:

  • Average Microphone

Spec Sheet

Bluetooth Version:: v5.0
Battery Life: 6-7 Hours of Music
Transmission Range: 10m

Price: $32.99

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Here is another Airpod Replica that is worth Buying:

F10 TWS Sports

One AirPod clone that isn’t on this list, but has the calling for honourable mentions is the F10 sport. Similar in almost all aspects of the F10, the sports version tries to appeal to the inner sportsperson in each of us. With an advance earbud design that attempts to let the earplug stay in the ear, falling off ain’t been a worry.

The F10 sport also aims for a bit more bass to make the workout experience even more focused and the resistance to sweat is increased for this version. The F10 couldn’t make the cut to the big 5, but it put up a worthy fight.

Price: $40.73

i8 TWS Airpods Clone: Cheapest Airpods Alternative

Price: $13.00

Conclusion: Best AirPods Clone 2019

These are definitely few of the Best Fake Apple AirPods 2019 that will be worth every penny. With the i12 TWS Winning the “Best AirPods Clone 2019”. and the i10 TWS taking the second best place in a very near margin. Anyways we hope that this article was worth your time if then do share your thoughts and comments on which of the above AirPod Replicas you’ll be buying.


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