Best 7 Xiaomi Gadgets Under $60

From time to time in online stores, we can find certain offers, whether of a particular product or a group of products. Laptops, smartphones, drones and other high-cost products are not the only things that a company produces, remember that they usually have high prices that could be way above our budget.  That is why we are bringing you the best 7 Xiaomi gadgets that can be purchased for $50 or less. A key player in the world market is Xiaomi, who, although young, has established its bases and has grown immensely in almost all sectors of technology. In addition, it is one of the best brands to consider when looking for high-quality products, and that is what we are going to show you.

1) Xiaomi Xiaofang Intelligent Camera 1080P

New in the arsenal of the Chinese manufacturer, the Xiaomi Xiaofang Intelligent Camera 1080P has a 1 / 2.7-inch CMOS lens capable of capturing videos with a Full HD resolution of 1080 pixels with 8X zoom. This combination ensures that the camera is capable of capturing the smallest details. This camera comes with an aperture f/2.0 that is able to pass a lot of light and has 110 degrees of vision. In addition, the camera also has a night vision mode, which allows a clear view of any object that is in dark environments up to 9 meters far. To crown it all, this product has an application, which easily supports Android and iOS devices.

Original Xiaomi xiaofang 1080P Smart WiFi IP Camera Night Vision IR-cut

2) Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2

With a touch of contemporary style as well as minimalist/beautiful design, the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2 is definitely attractive. However, it is not only because of the price with which it comes, but it is going to offer us some special characteristics. The speaker has a 1,700mAh battery that provides 7 hours of continuous music playback. In addition to that, it also has a speaker that specializes in subwoofers, to sharpen your listening experience. Finally, it has all the features that we would see in any of our favorite Speakers.

3) Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR

Have you ever wanted to experience virtual reality in a good and comfortable quality? , Do you need a really cheap but durable VR? Or do you resent the irritating quality with which VRs are made, which completely destroy your virtual reality experience and irritate the eyes and nose? If so, look no further, since Xiaomi has the Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR , being everything that you will ever need. Its sound effects are nice, and can also contain phones with screens up to 5.7 inches . The headphones, unlike other cheaper VR, are padded with a quality material that allows you to enjoy your virtual reality experience without irritations or setbacks. Thanks to its coverage of great material, no more pain of eyelids or noses.

Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D 360 Degree Virtual Reality Helmet Glasses for 4.7 - 5.7 inch Smartphones

4) Xiaomi Yeelight Desk Lamp

The lights made by Phillips are really amazing. They improve sleep, they provide a beautiful environment and great comfort in sight. This beautiful Xiaomi desk lamp is called Xiaomi Yeelight and its 44cm lighting height is design to meet the height of the human body with a larger lighting area. It comes with E27 warm white light bulb for you to get the exact comfort that you need.

Yeelight Minimalist Design Iron E27 Desk Lamp with Light Source 220V

5) Xiaomi Smart Sneakers with smart chip

Well, for those who do not really know Xiaomi, this product will be a surprise. Yes, Xiaomi does not only deal on gadgets, it manufactures clothing and shoes also. The Xiaomi Smart Sneakers have an intelligent chip powered by a battery that is able to track your daily activity and it provides a detailed report to an application available for both Android and iOS. Although these shoes have a price of $54.99, it was worth including in this list because it is worth every penny you spent and it is designed with top quality materials and has a modern design.

Xiaomi Men Smart Shoes Sneakers with Intelligent Chip

6) Security Kit Xiaomi Mijia Smart Home Aqara

This home security kit, Xiaomi Mijia Smart Home Aqara, is a product of Xiaomi’s sub-brand called Mijia which takes care of most of Xiaomi’s home gadgets. Here we are going to find another exciting package of equipment from this Chinese company. The implements that we will find when purchasing this Mijia security kit are:

Xiaomi mijia Smart Home Aqara Security Set

A  remote control for multi-functional gateways: This allows you to control everything wirelessly via radio signals, and it works side-by-side with other devices in the kit to provide more intelligent and stress-free control. In addition to that, it allows you to set a specific ringtone or personalized ringers.

Set of sensors for doors and windows: This allows you to integrate security features in your doors and windows. When they open without warning, the bells and lights turn on to warn you of the intrusion and a video of the action is captured. In addition, it also sends you a message on your phone through the  Xiaomi application.

Intelligent wireless switch: This intelligent wireless switch allows you to turn devices on or off with a single click. In addition, it also helps parents send warnings by changing the effects of light; for example, turn on the lights to wake the children.

7) Xiaomi VIOMI 460ml Vacuum Insulated Mug

This simple mug has a copper-plated tank exterior with a vacuum between the walls. This means that the temperature of your drink remains steady as there is no room for heat or cold transfer. Your drink will truly stay as hot or cold as science allows. Even when filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle will never sweat or get hot to touch! The VIOMI vacuum insulated mug adopts the advanced 316 stainless steel, which has acid-proof and alkali-proof characteristics and is free of rust. The integrated metal cup body makes it comfortable in the hand and it resists friction. The lid adopts a detachable design so that you can easily clean the cup thoroughly without leaving a dead corner for your drinking health.


Efe Udin

I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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