BENQ TK800M 4k projector HDR Review: Is it worth Buying?

BENQ is a Taiwanese multi-national company that sells consumer electronics, computing and communications. BENQ offer projectors, monitors, and digital displays for home, corporate, education, government, house of worship, gaming and digital signage applications. The company makes products with latest technology and sells at very affordable price. Now company launches new BENQ TK800M 4k projector.

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BENQ TK800M 4k projector

BENQ is committed to empower people today to live better, increase efficiency, feel healthier and enhance learning through people-driven, innovation-fueled products, service and solutions. Previous product gives high growth of the company. They offer many different products in different segments. The company always try to change the lifestyle of peoples by their creativity. They always dedicate to create products for today`s and for tomorrow’s lifestyle.

Features of BENQ TK800M 4k projector:

This BENQ TK800M home projector comes with many new features. This includes the combination of brightness, color, and picture quality. The projection of the projector is 1.0 – 9.0M. This includes Audio input, audio out port, HDMI, IR, USB and VGA Interfaces. The aspect ratio of the device is 16:9. The TK800M projector also includes media format which gives best performance. This is very light in weight. This gives 96 percent Rec. 709 projecting accurate color performance. This supports 4K lens with greater light penetration for sharpness. The projection size is 60 – 200 inches. This has 4-node RGBW color wheel. Projector has power button, menu navigation button and three LED indicators.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector

The zoom ratio of the TK800M is 1.1x which is little less than the TK800. For better sound this has 5-watt audio system which utilizes aluminum driver in the resonant chambers to enhance the both ends of the sonic spectrum. The BENQ TK800M 4k projector equipped with 40+ms input lag which is best for game mode and keeps fast to the games. The auto key makes it easy to align the image on screen. During use the projector don’t disturbs you or other person. The noise of the device is very low which keeps good environment.


This projector is made from ABS, PC material which gives beautiful look to the home projector. This design gives you entertainment you can enjoy your free time with this projector to watch Sports match, movies and play games on this projector. On the front side there is a company logo which gives attractable look to the projector and also on the front side lens display which attracts to everyone. The lower side of the device this has four rubber strips for stands the projector properly on the surface. On the upper side projector contains button which controls the device from all the sides.

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BENQ TK800M 4k projector

This is a compact DLP projector with a curved white shell and a blue color accent plate on the front. You can adjust the rear feet and wide foot of the projector according to your need. The rear feet and wide foot helps when you need to adjust image height when you sitting on a flat surface. On the top panel near the lens there is two wheels, one for focus and one for zoom.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector Connectivity-

This projector has two input audio port 3.5mm, output audio port with 3.5mm, PC port, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, MINI-B port, USB port, TYPE-A and 12 V trigger ports for connectivity. You can easily connect your smartphone with this projector through USB cable. Connectivity is the best thing which provides pack of entertainment.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector

The HDMI port is best to provide high performance and high speed via cables. The fiber optic HDMI cable is can work up to 150 feet and more without issue. If you store something you can attach USB memory stick or hard drive with the projector. Also you can control the projector with the remote. Remote built with backlights which works at night and shows you the remote button clearly.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector

LED lamp-

The LED lamp has 240W power and the lamp life is 10000 hours. This gives you True-color of the picture (4k image). With this projector you can take cinema feel in your house. LED lamp shows you the real view of the picture. This LED lamp also gives clear light under the sunlight or moonlight.


This BENQ TK800M 4k projector gives you high dynamic range. This shows you clear picture on the display. TK800M adopts DLP DMD chip to achieve 3840 x 2160 ultra-high resolutions which contain 8.0 million pixels per frame. This resolution is four times as much as 1080P without missing every wonderful moment. This contains 3000 lumens for well-lit rooms with ambient light. The intensity of the projector is able to deliver deep greens and sharp reds, transporting you to each show’s universe like a 100-inch window in your living room. It accepts both HDR10 and HLG. The HDR highlights looked pretty good during the day as well.

3D mode-

3D function gives you reality of the picture. You can watch 3D animation movies and also plays 3D games on this projector. When you play 3D games on this projector this automatically detect and switch to 3D mode. Mostly children prefer 3D mode so company designed 3D modes according to today’s need. The 3D projection technology will allow you to enjoy the ultra HD picture quality at the same time.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector Brightness-

This higher brightness allowed it to cut through ambient light to watching movies and sports. The brightness control is in your hand. You can increase and decrease brightness according to your need. The brightness also works in dark. A high native contrast ratio ensures that the image quality is sharp and has the best black levels in its class. The contrast ratio of the projector is 10000:1. The lens quality of the projector is improved with 7 elements. The special 3000 lumens brightness will help you part any time at your place. The bright color technology will provide the true colors. The best part is that you will not have to switch off the lights to get the clear view of the picture.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector

Other specifications:

The BENQ TK800M comes with the LED lamp which is 240W. The lamp life of the projector is 10000hours, so you can use the lamp of the projector for around 3-4 years. The black part of the projector is that it does not support the Bluetooth so you are nor able to connect your phone or other devices to the projector. The built-in speakers of the projector will help you listen to the videos clearly and have a great theatre view at your home or office.

BENQ TK800M 4k projector Our verdict:

The projector will provide you each and every details of the video even under the lights. Means you dont need a dark room to use this projector. The in-built speakers are also helpful combined with the 4K HD video clarity. But there is the drawback of the projector, which is that the projector do not support the bluetooth. So, in all if you are good to use the projector without the bluetooth, then I would personally recommend you can buy this cheap projector. As the projector is at the reasonable cost as compared to other projectors which are more than $2000.


The new BENQ TK800M 4k projector is now available at the best price from the gearbest. The product can be yours with just a click on the given link provided below.


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