Beelink Z85 Review

The new generation of technology-based world of people now tend to the devices performing greater things in a smaller space. It was not long ago when a 1GB memory was way big in size. Now it has turned into something we can’t even see. So, technology has now become a place to space and performance together. Here comes in the new generation of Mini PCs. Mini PC’s saves a ton of space with the monitor keyboard sound system and other accessories on the table. The Beelink Z85 has is such a device a Mini PC that comes with a proficient Windows 10 64 Bit operating system.

Beelink Z85 ReviewBeelink Z85 Review

The Beelink Z85 is a Mini PC that has a windows 10 operating system with a HDMI port that can be connected to a PC monitor, TV or a projector. Now let’s get to know about the features of this device.

Operating SystemBeelink Z85 Review

The Beelink Z85 has a window 10 64 Bit operating system. It is perfect for working, playing games and watching TV. It has a very stable and quick configuration coupled with the highly Win 10. Supporting dual-screen, reducing the waiting time and improving your work efficiency it allows you to have a very smooth experience.

CPU Performance

The Beelink Z85 is a CPU with Intel Atom X5-Z8350.It has a quad core processor consisting of 4 cores and 4 threads which allows it to generate a highest frequency of 1.92 GHz. It has a fully operating windows 10.

GPU Performance

With the Intel Atom X5-Z8350 the Beelink Z85 has twelve EU units, with 2MB cache and frequency of 500 MHz’s It has intel HD graphics 400 in it. It has a DDR3 2GB RAM installed and 64 GB internal memory with external up to 164GB supported.

Fast & Stable Network Speed

The Beelink Z85 comes with a 1000Mbps Ethernet feature. It also supports 5G. It has a Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.


The Beelink Z85 has a very powerful display. It not only supports two display but also gives a video quality of 4K x 2K 30 Hz. This sort of quality display can present every detail to the screen. Colors and picture quality couldn’t be more vivid and clear.

Better Heat Scattering

The Beelink Z85 is a very small device performing a mammoth task to better CPU performance to its users. So, undoubtedly it will scatter a lot of heat inside. The scattering of the heat is very much important or else it may damage the device. So, the Beelink Z85 has a lot of vents all around to scatter the heat from the device easily. It also has a Dustproof net inside for a better performance.

Covenant Design

The Beelink Z85 comes with a well mounted bracket. The bracket allows it to be easily fixed at the back of the monitor or TV display. It can easily be fixed with screws. This makes it very much suitable for office environment and home.

USB & VGA Port

The Beelink Z85 comes with three USB ports and a VGA port. The VGA port is there to support the older shows with a VGA display port. The USB ports are one standard USB 3.0 and three USB 2.0. It also has a headphone microphone jack and a DC input. VGA cables can be used as a “universal” analog cable capable of transmitting RGBHV, YPbPr, composite, and s-video signals.

Double Screen Display

The Beelink Z85 provides its users with a double screen display facility. The HDMI and VGA ports provides this. Two monitors can be connected simultaneously with two video interfaces. Multiple monitors give you more screen real estate. When you hook multiple monitors up to a computer, you can move your mouse back and forth between them, dragging programs between monitors as if you had an extra-large desktop. Beelink Z85 allows you enjoy this.


With a 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz dual band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth4.0 device installed the Beelink Z85 certainly has a state of the art connectivity system. This connectivity ensures high speed data transfer. Connecting the box to your Wi-Fi or broadband network allows users to surf the Internet with browsers and to connect to the world through all kinds of apps, like YouTube, SKYPE, LinkedIn, MSN, Facebook, Instagram also the hot films and TV shows can be searched at any time.

Some Difficulties

Not Suitable for gaming

The Beelink Z85 has a DDR3 2 GB which is not enough for high level gaming performance. So, this computer is not suitable enough for that kind of gaming utility. It is suitable for light photo editing, web browsing and other office programs but this is not a gaming pc at all.

CD or DVD player

You can not play CD’s or DVD’s in this device. Its not just that it can’t be played on it. Most Mini PC’s doesn’t come with a CD or a DVD player. So users are unable to stream music and video.

Power Adapter

The Beelink Z85 comes with a charge adapter. But users have to careful of the voltage supply and whether the charger adapter is safely plugged in or not. Otherwise this can become a dangerous safety hazard for the users.


The Beelink Z85 is a very convenient device for people who have light work and less space. It has a superior connectivity system and superfast network transfer speed. This is very much suitable for offices as they require less space and efficient working performance. It is a device with very less flaws. Microsoft office programs can be performed very easily thorough this device. With a dual screen display setting it can also enlarge the working space and enable users to multitask at once. The display is also outstanding as it gives its users most vivid picture quality. So, People who work from home and offices can easily use the Beelink Z85 for its suitable performance to their work.

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