[Best Offer] Beelink U55 mini PC With Intel i3 at $289.99 [Coupon]

Mini PCs allow users to save space. Their biggest selling point is the small-sized body. So the previous enormous units are replaced with compact mini PCs that are capable of providing the same or better performance. There are too many models coming our way from the top brands. But they cost a fortune. On the contrary, the market is full of Chinese low-quality products that are cheap but are made for regular users only. However, we are going to introduce you a new model that is designed by a company well known in this niche. Beelink is considered to be the best brand when it comes to cost-effective mini PCs, and the Beelink U55 is one of the best proofs. Currently, it’s offered at $289.99, which is a great offer for an i3-powered mini PC.

Beelink U55 mini PC

As the name suggests, the Beelink U55 is packed with an Intel i3 5005U chip. Yes, this is not the latest-gen Intel SoC, but the fifth generation i3 is capable of providing quite smooth and stable performance. It’s based on a 14nm process node and the base frequency of two cores is 2.0GHz. Apart from this, the processor is paired with a large RAM of 8GB for advanced multitasking as well as 256GB SSD drive and an Intel HD Graphic 5500 GPU. If the storage space is not enough, the Beelink U55 supports storage capacity expansion of up to 1TB through M.2 SSD, up to 2TB through the 2.5-inch HDD and up to 64GB through TF card slot.

Beelink U55 mini PC

Such a powerful performance inside a small body requires a good head dissipation. Fortunately, the Beelink U55 comes with a new fan system that provides a rapid heat removal.

The next selling point of this amazing mini PC is the rich interfaces. The Beelink U55 comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port, 2 standard USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, a headphone jack, a DC-IN port, and a LAN port. Apart from the latter, there is an Intel 3165 WiFi chip supporting dual-band stable wireless connectivity

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