Beelink S2 mini PC With Intel Gemini Lake 4100 at $166.99

We can recommend only a few brands when looking for a new mini PC because the market is full of multiple brands but most of them have a life of a butterfly. One of those mini PC makers that always catches our eyes is Beelink. It’s even fair to say every new product it launches, becomes a hit. The Beelink S2 is no exception. At this moment, this amazing product is offered at $166.99. Many may think it’s overpriced, but those who have used a Beelink product in life will prove these mini PCs are worthy of our money. But it’s one thing to know we are dealing with a popular brand and quite another thing to get familiar with the performance it can provide.

beelink s2

The biggest selling point of any mini PC and the Beelink S2 is the processor they carry under the hood. As for our protagonist, it is packed with an Intel GEMINI LAKE Celeron N4100 quad-core processor. Obviously, we should pay much attention to it. The Intel Pentium N4100 is a quad-core SoC primarily for inexpensive notebooks and mini PCs. It was announced late 2017. On a regular mode, its clock speed is 1.1GHz. But when burst, the frequency will reach 2.3GHz. This chip is based on the Gemini Lake platform, which similar to the Apollo Lake is manufactured in a 14 nm process with FinFETs but offers slightly improved processor cores, double the amount of L2 cache, a smaller package, a new generation of monitor outputs (Gen 10) and a partly integrated WiFi chip.

beelink s2

Apart from the four CPU cores, it also includes a DirectX 12 capable GPU as well as a DDR4/LPDDR4 memory controller. Probably you know, its architecture was slightly reworked and is now called Goldmont Plus. It features an increased level 2 cache (to 4 MB). Simply, the per-clock-performance is a bit better.

beelink s2

Thanks to the improvements made in the Celeron N4100 and slightly revised CPU architecture, the 200MHz higher boost clock slightly better than the old Celeron N3450. But when compared to the more expensive Core Y processors, the single thread performance is much lower. However, you shouldn’t doubt its performance for basic tasks like office suits, browsing with moderate multitasking.

As for graphics, the UHD Graphics 600 is based on the Gen9 architecture, which supports DirectX 12 and is also used for the Kaby Lake / Skylake / Apollo Lake graphics adapters. It is also equipped with 12 EUs and a clock of up to 700MHz. The graphics card includes an advanced video engine with hardware support for the playback of VP9 and H.265 material (8-bit color-depth).

beelink s2

As you see, the Beelink S2 is capable of handling many tasks and provide a respectable performance. At the same time, the chip is paired with a 4GB of RAM, which is enough not to allow any regular program or game to run out of memory. There is also a 128GB of SSD storage. But it supports an HDD expansion up to 2TB.

At last, the Beelink S2 comes with an acceptable set of interfaces, including DC-in, HDMI, LAN, Microphone Jack, Type-C, USB2.0, and USB3.0. Of course, the RJ45 port supports 1000Mbps connectivity, and there is a 5G WiFi support as well.


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