Beelink Kaby G7 mini PC with 8th-Gen i7/i5 Chips At Starting $1199.99 [Coupon]

Those who have been looking for a mini PC for a single time in life should meet the brand Beelink. This company is widely known due to its mid-range and low-end mini PCs that provide outstanding performance for a relatively affordable price tag. But time goes on and things we know are changing. Beelink has made a big move forward and now it is designing the top-notch mini PCs that are ready to beat any top brand. But we are dealing with a brand that comes from a level below, probably it’s more reasonable to compare it with the HiGame Mini PC. As for the pricing, it is not cheap. The Beelink Kaby G7 i5 version is priced at starting $1199.99, while the i7 version costs $1599.99.

Beelink Kaby G7

It’s senseless to discuss the appearance of the Beelink Kaby G7 because there are more selling points. This is not the case when we should praise its design not talking about its weak features. The Kaby G7 is a real beast. It is impressed via the scary graphics on the top. On one side, it carries a special red-colored speaker. Seems nothing amazing, but this product can be used as a Bluetooth speaker as well. Under the red rubber, we can see a built-in DSP decoding high-performance Bluetooth speaker that provides an awesome performance. On the other side, we see the power key in red as well as a headphone jack. Interestingly, the rest of the interfaces are placed on one side. They include five USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI ports, two DP ports, a microphone, an SPK port, a LAN port, a security keyhole, and a DP port. The same side also carries a ventilation grill. Generally, it has a cube form and the materials it uses is a high-quality metal.

Beelink Kaby G7

Now let’s look inside. The Beelink Kaby G7 is packed with the latest 8th-gen Intel Kaby Lake i5-8305G/ i7-8709G chip. In its turn, this SoC comes with an Intel HD Graphics 630 / Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics (with an independent 4GB HBM2 graphics video memory), 8/16GB of DDR4 RAM, and 256GB SSD drive, which also supports 4TB or 2.5-inch HDD expansion. The lower variant is packed with the i5 version uses four cores and 8 thread clocked at 3.8GHz. At the same time, the higher version sports an i7 chip, which uses two cores and 8 thread, but the clocking speed is 4.1GHz. Due to the powerful hardware, it doesn’t face any problem when handling any kind of task or playing a 4K video at H.265 decoding.

Beelink Kaby G7

Apart from the number of interfaces, including the RJ45 port and others, the Beelink Kaby G7 supports dual-band WiFi 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz.

Beelink Kaby G7

In summary, the Beelink Kaby G7 is a three in one product. Though it is promoted as a very powerful mini PC, we should state it can easily serve as a game computer and a Bluetooth speaker.

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