The Beelink GT1 arrives in an incredible offer for only $ 59.99 thanks to Gearbest (Coupon included)

In recent days, Gearbest has been making a series of special deals on different types of high-quality products, and one of those devices is the Beelink GT1, a powerful TV Box that includes a brand new remote control that works by voice. This is one of the best artifacts in the market for TV accessories, not only because of its special artificial intelligence characteristics, but also has a high strength of construction, and great image quality.

Express deal of the Beelink GT1 – Design

The design of the Beelink GT1 is quite particular. Of course, this is not a disadvantage, but quite the opposite, since it manages to stand out from the rest of the TV Box currently on the market. This device has dimensions of 9.60 x 9.60 x 1.60 cm together with a total weight of 0.193 kg. It comes in black color with a design of different shades of gray, this especially stands out at the top. With regard to its front area, there are different connectors for the use of this product. As just mentioned, in the upper area it has a design in the form of triangular fragments that covers the entire surface.

Beelink GT1

Express deal of the Beelink GT1 – Specifications

When we talk about a product like the Beelink GT1 we deal with a device that has already been shown that, in regards to design, it has enough details that make it interesting. Now that does not mean that the area of features is neglected, in the least. It manages to stand out because the processor that gives it life is an eight-core Amlogic S912, with which, it manages to offer a high response speed and great fluidity.

In addition to this, it works with an Android 7.1 operating system, thus allowing users to install or uninstall applications easily and quickly, with broad compatibility in modern apps. It has support for dual-band Wi-Fi, more specifically 2.4G and 5.8G, thanks to this, it increases the ability to perform multiple tasks from the network. It has a 3GB DDR4 RAM in conjunction with a 32GB ROM that can be expanded to a total of 64GB.

Beelink GT1

Where to buy it?

Thanks to the promotion that Gearbest is offering in this product, it costs only $ 59.99, of course, to enjoy this offer, the following coupon must be used: GBCN9JUF

Buy Beelink GT1 on Gearbest

It should be noted that this is not the only offer that this store is currently offering, since they are doing a special promotion on all kinds of high quality products, if you want to know them more thoroughly, we invite you to enter the next link.

Special promotions at Gearbest

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