[Super Sale] Beelink GT-King Pro 4K TV Box For Just $129.99

If you are planning to build a home theater in the living room, with support for 7-channel sound and 4K output to a TV, then you no longer need to think about buying an expensive media system. It is enough to buy a Beelink GT-King Pro, whose weight is less than 400 grams, and the dimensions easily allow you to place the TV box in the palm of your hand.

Buy Beelink GT-King Pro Just at $129.99


The Beelink GT-King Pro displays a design of the neatest, original and classic. Which is also famous. This is a case with a simple rectangular shape. Its black color and medium size make it very sober and also make this box fits very easily in the decor of a living room or a bedroom. In addition, the authenticity of the Beelink GT King box lies in the skull-shaped motif that adorns its facade.


The Beelink GT-King Pro is equipped with S922X-H clocks with a maximum of 1.8GHz on a total of 6 usable cores (Hexa-Core). Furthermore, 4GB RAM and expandable 64 GB memory are now available. Fast LPDDR4 memory is also used. On the software side, the current Android 9 is used.


The Beelink GT King box has several inputs, which greatly facilitates its connectivity. You will find on the left side a USB 2.0 input and a USB 3.0 input that will allow you to connect the box with other devices such as a joystick or a mouse to facilitate the use of the box. Regarding the installation of the latter, it is very simple. In the package, you will find a user manual that will guide you carefully in the steps to follow. This manual will also be very useful to understand how the box works.

For IPTV subscriptions, the Beelink GT King is very efficient. It allows you to enjoy your favorite TV channels from different devices. In addition, as previously mentioned, its Amlogic S922X allows it a smooth playback of all videos from IPTV channels. Moreover, as IPTV subscriptions offered on the web are mostly illegal, it is essential to inquire before subscribing to any provider. The Beelink GT-King Pro TV Box is able to encode h.265 among others. This means that 4k including HDR in 60Hz or FHD @ 60hz can be played. Since Android is an open platform, you can easily install some missing codecs. What is not described is whether Amazon and Netflix can also be viewed with FHD or higher. Here the L1 level in the Widevine Check would be immensely important. Those who have a current TV with Smart TV functions will probably still be able to do without Android TV boxes.

Where To Shop

The performance should also be better than with most Smart TVs and also be completely sufficient for one or the other game session with a Bluetooth controller, for example. Beelink GT-King Pro is now available on Gearbest for just $129.99 on Sale. Click the following button for order:

Buy Beelink GT-King Pro Just at $129.99


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