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Drone with Camera Live Video

Becrot drone is your photographer from the air. Do you think I am joking? Is it a fantasy? A few years ago it may be a fantasy, but now in a modern world of advancing technologies, it is not a dream anymore. Have you ever thought about having a quadcopter and taking high-quality photos from the air? It is possible now with the new Becrot drone.

Becrot Drone look

You can use it during any event; while going to a wedding, traveling to beautiful places, during some birthday parties or when you are in the heart of nature relaxing. With the fantastic function of live video, you can share all your beautiful moments with your friends or family members. Taking photos will not only become very comfortable and easy, but also your photos will be unique, differentiating yourself from others.
We have an exciting practice with the Becrot drone and want to share our knowledge with you. Going through the specifications and the functionality of this product will help you to conduct a more thorough understanding of it. We hope that our review will be useful for you and help to find your Becrot drone.

Firstly, let’s reveal the package of the Becrot Drone.
Becrot Drone box
There are several items that you will find when opening the tidy white box.

1 x Becrot X28 drone which is equipped with 720p 120°Wide-Angle Camera
1 x 2.4Ghz Remote Transmitter. (The AAA batteries are not included due to the safety of the product)
1 x 3.7 V 900mAh LiPo Battery
1 x Phone Holder
4 x Rotating Blade
4 x Pro
1 x User Manual

The package weighs 1.55 pounds. Surely, there is an instruction that guides you on how to manage the drone, which is a booklet. When purchasing the Becrot drone, you also get a two-year warranty, which is excellent for this kind of products. Caution, we highly recommend you to read the instructions thoroughly, because, in the case of misusing the product, you can harm people or the property of yours and others.

Becrot Drone user guide

Secondly, let’s understand the description and appearance of the Becrot Drone.

When trying to describe the Becrot Drone, it is fair to state their slogan: “Fly free, Live Free.” The product is trying to give people freedom. One of the essential things in the world for people is the freedom, and Becrot Drone offers them the opportunity to express themselves freely, to capture what they want, when they want and from where they want. Isn’t it freedom of living?

The Becrot drone is easily portable and flexible during the flight. There are four rotating blades in the drone, which help the drone to fly more comfortably.

Becrot Drone

The functionality of the product is very advanced. It has very strong stability thanks to the latest 6-axis flight control systems. The Becrot drone also has altitude mode, headless mode, remote control, auto landing, one key takeoff/landing, advanced ABS plastic and long time playing.

Becrot Drone back

The design is also done uniquely and beautifully. There are happy and attractive colors on it, which give the drone a nice look. Hence, it is an additional plus for the product.

Becrot Drone designWhat about the specifications of Becrot Drone?

Becrot Drone is not a heavy product with the weight of 165g/5.8oz. The dimensions of the product are 8.27(L) X2.56(H) X8.27(W) inches
The quadcopter has a 3D video recording mode (1280 x 720p). Also, note that both drone and remote controller are equipped with powerful modular batteries. The battery of the Becrot drone is a 3.7V 900mAh lipo battery.

Becrot Drone back panel

The remote controller has a 4 X 1.5V AA battery, which is not included in the package. You can charge the Becrot drone in about 120 minutes. It is enough for 10-12 minutes of playing time.

Becrot Drone remote control

Becrot Drone

The other specification is the transmitter operation range, which is up to 300 meters. Also, there is a WiFi FPV Real-Time Transmission.
Don’t worry about the direction of the drone. The product is equipped with headless mode and has a one key return button on the remote control. You can use auto landing function too. Furthermore, there is an ability to control the movement of the drone from your smartphone. Application control is very easy to install and use.

Becrot Drone with phone
Another useful function has an altitude hold feature. Due to it you can create more stable flights and have quality shoots. There are three-speed modes and a gravity sensor mode. As you can see the product is enhanced with advanced features which ensure that save flights of the product and the professional images/videos.

The Camera of Becrot Drone

The Becrot Foldable FPV RC Drone has a 120° Wide-angle 1280*720P HD Camera which takes fantastic photos and videos. The high definition camera is cooperating with your iPhone or your Android Smartphone to make incredible photos or videos.

Becrot Drone: Powerful Modular battery:

The Becrot drone has powerful 3.7V 900mAh Modular Batteries, which helps it to fly longer in the air. Please note, that one wholly charged battery could last about 10-15 minutes. Then it takes about 120 minutes to charge it again. If there is the need for a longer flight, you can buy some extra batteries and keep it as a reserve. This standard design guarantees the safety of charge and storage. There is no need to worry if the motors of the drone will be heated up. Just take a 10-minute break and let the product to cool down.
Becrot Drone battery
The important advice from the manufacturer for Becrot drone

  1. At first, look through the user guide very carefully and follow its instructions before starting.
  2. Please adjust the product carefully and slowly to avoid damages caused by loss of control.
  3. Between flights make sure to take 10 minutes to break for cooling the motors and circuit board from avoiding of heat up.
  4. The Becrot drone has three different speed modes. If you are a novice, then please start using the drone from the slower option, so you can keep it under control.

Four reasons why to buy a Becrot Foldable FPV RC Drone

  • A desire to join the world of drones for (relatively) little money;
  • A useful and modern gift for a teenager (over 15 years);
  • The ability to take aerial photos and videos
  • The pasion to master the new features (and angles) for photo and video.

Becrot Drone

Becrot Drone: Conclusion

To sum up, Becrot Drone is an incredible gadget, taking amazing and high-quality photos and videos. Surely it is not for professionals. However, its features are not worse than other cameras. It is a perfect match for the beginner photographer or for people who just like to take shots and save the happy moments of their life. It is not a high priced technology and is easily affordable for people. The manufacturer does not recommend for children under 15 years, to ensure the safe usage of the product. Drone is easily manageable. However, you need to read the user guide to avoid unfortunate accidents. If the pedals are broken down, it is not the end, because two pairs of flying pedals come with the Becrot Drone when you buy it. Hence, if you are fond of taking different photos and making good memories, this drone is for you. It may also be a good present for friends or relatives. We are very impressed with the new Becrot Drone, do not lose your chance to enjoy it too.

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Becrot RC Drone with FPV 720P HD WiFi Camera Live Video 90° Wide-Angle, Foldable Design Quadcopter for Beginners with Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, Modular Battery

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